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Tibia news

Spring Patch getting closer

Written by Angel Josephine on Monday 02 April 2012
Spring Patch

Are you ready for another spring patch teaser, Tibians? Besides the new content and features we already presented in our previous teasers, the spring patch will introduce even more changes and adjustments which will hopefully help to enrich your gameplay experience further.
  • In order to prevent that players get trapped by others with quest and level doors stacking will be possible on squares with a level or quest door on Optional PvP worlds. It will only be possible to step on that field if you fulfill the required conditions to pass through the door. Also, a quest or level door will only be closed if all players have left the square. Moreveover, monsters, NPCs and summons cannot pass them.
  • As we announced in our first teaser, the loot of some Paw and Fur society creatures and bosses will be improved a bit. In addition, we will also boost the loot of a couple of other creatures, for example, juggernauts, blightwalkers, lost souls and defilers.
  • A few hunting grounds will be extended with the spring patch in order to give players better chances to complete some Paw and Fur society tasks. For example, badgers will roam the surroundings of Svargrond, and fire elementals in the Edron Demon Forge have been replaced by a couple of demons.
  • Your questlog will show the amount of boss points you have gathered through Paw and Fur society tasks.
    The "Pwned all fur" achievement will be renamed and a new achievement for all Paw and Fur society bosses including the new ones will be introduced.
  • In the Demon Oak quest, the royal crossbow and the spellbook of dark mysteries will be replaced by two unique rewards which will only be obtainable through that quest just like demon legs and the rainbow shield. Players who have already obtained a Demon Oak reward will be able to exchange it by bringing their item to Oldrak. Please note that this exchange only works once.
  • Players who died or left the boss room while fighting Demodras or Tiquandas Revenge, and thus, could not kill them, will get a second chance to fight the boss by talking to Grizzly Adams.
  • Summons will not have corpses anymore.
  • Melee attacks and the defense of Askarak and Shaburak demons will be increased.
  • A couple of already existing item graphics will be polished a bit.
  • In our previous teaser, we also announced a feature to address house and depot trashing. Unfortunately, we have to postpone this measure since it will not be ready in time to be released together with the spring patch. Of course, we will do our best to finish it as soon as possible and implement it then.

Get ready for the spring patch!
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