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Teaser 3/2011

Update Teaser 3: Dive into the Hive

Written by CipSoft (translated by Ferenan) on Tuesday 29 November 2011
Some months ago, the dwarfs of Kazordoon found new way from the outer mines of Kazordoon to Thais using a steam ship.

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Besides this new travel route, a strange and mysterious dungeon was discovered. An unknown area, controlled by an even more mysterious race. Walking fishmen ...the deeplings.

While deep under the throne of emperor Kruzak, brave adventurers started to fight against the aggresive deeplings, some other weird discovery was made south-east of Kazordoon. Some giant insectile creatures were sighted near the village of Greenshore. It seemed as if those are trying to create a new home, a dreary and barren one...

Since then, skirmishes with both races have been going on and so far Tibians could only speculate where these creatures came from and what they want...

This winter, you will have the chance to lift the secrets of both races.
Last week, we already presented you the home of the deepling race and told you about their fascinating but underwater world. However, what is to be found on the surface of Quirefang?

Leave the Gray Beach northbound. It will not take long until strange and weird sounds fill the air...Flzlzlzlzlzlzlz! Iiiiieeeeeeh! Klk! Klk! Sssschrchrsss!...
It will not take long until the landscape change into something you have never seen before. It will not take long until you face the vanguard of the other race...

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Beware adventurer! Make sure you are well armed, ready for battle, and experienced enough, because you are entering the territory of the Hive Born: an old, insectile, strong, and aggressive breed, created as a living weapon, created to bring destruction, created to fight without fear, created to purge the whole world...

WinterUpdate - 002

Left and forgotten by their creators the Hive Born are competing with the deeplings for the supremacy of Quirefang. While the deeplings are trying to get to the surface, the creepy-crawlies are digging deeper and deeper.

Are you man enough to explore the wasteland and face those deadly creatures? Will you dare to fulfill all required and dangerous missions to get deeper into the hive and fight even stronger monsters? Or will you cowardly flee because you cannot stand the noise of clicking appendages, cannot stand the disgusting smell of this breed, cannot stand the look of scary swarmers, crawlers, spitters, waspoids, and even more nasty creatures?

If you do dare to fight them, show off your bravery by wearing a new buzzing outfit and by taming the evil lady bug.

WinterUpdate - 003

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Prepare your insect traps!
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Teaser Summary

Please note that all information is stil subject to change!

New Island Quirefang

Can be reached via small isle of NPC Scrutinon where you can travel to by boat from eastern harbours 2 different races live there (Deeplings and the Hive Born), each of them has its own hunting grounds and quests that trigger world changes, and thus, allows players to advance further: some of the hunting grounds are always accessible while the access to others depends on the world change stage.
Gray Beach is the starting point for both areas, players can find a few NPCs there (e.g. a trader) and a depot

The Hive

Characters should be around level 130 to hunt there – Please note, though, that this is not yet final and can still change depending on the test server feedback.

New Creatures:
  • Swarmer
  • Crawler
  • Spitter
  • Waspoid
  • Kollos
  • Spidris
  • Insectoid worker
  • Ladybug
Players can obtain a new outfit and try to tame the ladybug (special taming item required) if they have access to specific areas (depends on stage of the hive world change there)

New Equipment:
  • Carapace shield
  • Grasshopper legs
  • Calopteryx cape
  • Hive scythe
New creature products can be obtained
New special achievements

Please note that all information is stil subject to change!

Extra Creature Cards:

WinterUpdate - 004

WinterUpdate - 005

WinterUpdate - 006

WinterUpdate - 007

WinterUpdate - 007 1/2

WinterUpdate - 008

Outfits and Mounts:

WinterUpdate - 009

WinterUpdate - 010