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Test server

Written by Steven on Tuesday 28 June 2011
The test server is now online. Like usual we want you to have a good insight in what's coming, thus yet again, our test server article.

Worldchange Areas

This update features various areas that can now be changed by fulfilling various ingame tasks. The following world changes wait for you to explore them:

Their Master's Voice

A magical tower near Edron has appeared without warning. An unknown mage without any connections to other mages or the Academy has created this building as a base of operations. Several experiments where conducted here - some of which failed quite horribly. The mage is nowhere to be seen but the lower dungeon is filled with servants. A single Servant Sentry will barely inform players about what may have possibly had happened here.

The Mage's Tower

Another mage has created a dimensional portal on top of a tower. The wizard is drawing his power from a strange substance which can be found in the foreign dimension. By opening a rift - which also functions as a portal for players - he can access the energy from the other world. In Another Dimension players will be able to hunt Yielothax, tough creatures with valuable loot unique to this place. Players can either ignore him and enter the dimension or fight him and gain some unique loot. But be warned, killing him might prove to be not too easy, and may have unforeseen consequences.

The Mummy's Curse

Horestis was one of the first pharaohs of the desert people. Under his rule a former cave hideout was changed into a temple for the animistic pantheon of spirits that was worshiped by the humans of his time.
Horestis rests in a warded chamber deep in the complex. Should the wards be broken and the temple desecrated the ancient pharaoh will reawaken and punish all intruders. Should the pharaoh fall by the hand of grave robbers his death curse will strike the land.

Swamp Fever

The provider of the poor house of Venore fights a desperate war against the local swamp fever.
Though the fever usually can be kept under control, a certain number of medicine bags have to be provided each day to prevent the fever to spread into the city. If the fever spreads into the city maddened, fever sick citizen will randomly attack anyone in Venore. The only cheap cure available comes from the medicine bags that the swamp goblins sometimes carry with them. Adventurers can deliver them to the poor house to prevent the fever from spreading.

Demon Wars

Since eternity and for reasons long forgotten two demon races wage war against each other near to the entrance of the demon forge. Neither of them could clam dominance over the other and only the deeds of mortals may change the tide of battle. Since the demons are quite similar in power they will eternal fight in a status quo. When one side is severely weakened by outsiders the other will finally gain the upper hand and their leaders, smelling victory will come out of hiding. The slaying of the leaders will reset the status quo though.


The white deer of the Ab'Dendriel forest are famous and almost revered by the elves. Less scrupulous traders though value their fur and antlers for a variety of products. In search for profit adventurers often hunt the deers and endanger them of extinction. They also harm a delicate ecological balance since the killing of deers lets the primary hunters, the wolves to starve. When the deer population goes low the number of starving wolves is rising. Only by actively helping the elves to restore the natural balance the deer population might recover.

Twisted Waters

The mysterious lake "Equivocolao" north of Tiquanda attracts the extremely rare "shimmer swimmer". A fish that loves murky waters. However, the sea is usually clean. To make it really dirty, players will have to dump a lot of corpses into the lake. The "shimmer swimmer" is a fascinating fish that can be combined with some other items to create new and unique equipment.


Deep down in the mines of Kazordoon an entrance to a long lost dungeon has been found. The remains of a sunken dynasty of unknown age are now accessible. To actually enter the dungeon, you have to use enough coal on special pumps to drain the water which now seems to pour out behind every rock turned by the dwarfs. The dungeon is inhabited by strange water creatures called "Deeplings". It also grants passage to Thais via a newly arranged steam boat link, established by the technomancers. Players can travel between Thais and Kazordoon as long as the water is drained. The dungeon will stay accessible if players kill enough Deepling Scouts each day to fulfill a certain quota.


In a foggy night, witnessed by toads and fishes alone, a sunken temple of the Bog God has risen near Shadowthorn. When the elves realized what had happened, the temple was already fully ascended. Within a week after the event, most of the elves started to worship the forgotten god. But not all fell to the influence forgotten god. A select few rose against these blinded followers. When the elder god of the bog told the elves of Shadowthorn to capture all rioters, the insurgents started to sow what the lord of the bog hates most, fire. During the very short time this conflict lasted, both parties where about equal in both strength and fanatism. In the end, the elf Followers won the upper hand by an eyelash. The Firestartes where imprisoned in the dungeons beneath Shadowthorn. Guarded by 3 Elf Overseers, the elfs fear the Firestarters' wrath as they will surely wreak havoc once released.

Mini Change: Horse Station

The new horse stations at Thais (Palomino) and Venore (Appaloosa) connect the cities through a coach system (like ships) and rent horses as mounts for a day.
Sometimes (randomly) the horses are on the loose though and the service will stop until 50 horses are chased into the barn in Thais.

Mini Change: Insectoid Invasion

West of Greenshore sometimes insectoids are spawned. (When a random mechanism determines a 'raid' the spawns are activated). If the player do not kill enough insectoids on that day the area is 'terraformed' by the insectoids, other spawns there are stopped and more insectoids are spawning. If the players kill enough insectoids the invasion is driven away.

Mini Change: Steamship

If you have discovered the secret new route between Kazordoon and Thais, be aware to arrive at the correct destination. Rumors tell about a strange isle on an underground lake.

New NPCs

Huntsman (4 different locations in Fields of Glory, Deer Hunting world change information NPCs)
Benevola (between Carlin and Ab'Dendriel, Deer Hunting quest, takes starving wolf)
Cruleo (near Orcland, buys white deer antlers and white deer fur; Deer Hunting world change)
Pyro Peter (Venore, Shadowthorn world change information NPC)
Dronk (Kazordoon, Awash world change information NPC)
Junkar (4 different locations, Steamship world change captain and information NPC)
Robson (flavour NPC in Steamship world change)
Lunch (flavour NPC in Steamship world change)
Dark priestess (accessible via Edron warlock room; Daemon War world change information NPC)
Yawno (Tiquanda, Lake Equivocolao, Twisted Waters world change information NPC)
An ancient priest (in Horestis tomb, Mummy's Curse world change information NPC)
Ottokar (Venore poor house, Swamp Fever world change information NPC)
Servant Sentry (Edron, Their Master's voice information NPC)
Second Servant Sentry (Zao Steppe, Mage's Tower information NPC)
Palomino (Thais Horsestation, Rented Horse NPC)
Appaloosa (Venore Horse Station, Rented Horse NPC)
Vascalir (Rookgaard new questline questgiver)
Asralius (Rookgaard new questline questgiver)
Orc Guard (Rookgaard Flavour NPC)

Changes in old NPCs

Julius: allows recompletion of Vengoth map and allows to change mind about NOT turning in Marziel's diary - this means: the Castlemania achievement is NOT missable anymore, but can be completed even if the wrong decisions were previously take
All wand-trading NPCs: buy spellwands from the April's fools event now (299 Gold)
Edala: added miniquest for a taming item
Lothar: added info about new taming items and mounts)
Captain Kurt: Sets Automap Flags and several questflags leading to newbie questgivers around the world
Sweaty Cyclops: Added option to melt a gold ingot for players
Rashid, Telas, Malunga and Pemaret: Buy new items / loot items

New Monsters

Please find and hunt or tame the following new monsters. You should stumble over all of them automatically while exploring the new World Changes. Check if they are too strong for the area where you have found them. Are all corpses displayed correctly in all decay states? Are the corpses (not) movable or (not) takeable according to their size and weight? Does anything seem strange about their loot?

white deer, enraged white deer, desperate white deer (near Ab'Dendriel)
slug (dungeon south of Venore)
dromedary (they like deserts )
horse (near Thais)
deepling scout
bog frog
filth toad
iron servant
golden servant
diamond servant
ghoulish hyaena
sandstone scorpion
clay guardian
grave guard
tomb servant
sacred spider
death priest
elder mummy
honour guard
feverish citizen (in Venore)
starving wolf (near Ab'Dendriel)
insectoid scout (west of Greenshore)

There are also new raids and boss monsters which will not be spoiled here. Some of them you might encounter during your quests, others maybe per coincidence. Not all monsters mentioned here are always there, some of them only spawn during certain World Changes!

New Outfits

We have implemented two new outfits including two addons each. Both outfits are obtainable with items found in World Changes and/or talking with NPCs encountered during your quests.

One of the outfits has something to do with a strange, "defective" creature in Farmine. For the other outfit you have to help someone in Venore and be adventurous.

New Items & Loot

Here are some of the items you will find trying out the World Changes. There are some more items to discover and sometimes you get astonishing results using those items with other objects. Be creative!

Loot items

white deer antlers (bought by PC Cruleo)
white deer skin (bought by NPC Cruleo)
daemonic finger (bought by NPC Malunga)
shimmer swimmer (bought by NPC Pemaret)
slime mould (bought by NPC Malunga)
yielowax (bought by NPC Malunga)
yielocks (bought by NPC Malunga)
coal nuggets (bought by NPC Telas)
flintstone (bought by NPC Telas)
eye of a deepling (bought by NPC Malunga)

Imortus - Exhiti fansite item

If you find those items please try to sell them to the mentioned NPCs.

New taming items

slug drug
sand scorpion sceptre
bamboo leaves
bag of apple slices
fist on a stick
golden fir cone
sugar oat
golden can of oil

Rookgaard Redesign

The whole process from starting the game right after the tutorial in Rookgard until reaching the main continent has been redesigned.

Further changes

Fixed Paradox Tower Quest
Fixed Razzachai Questdoor problems
Added clothes flag to various light sources (needed for equipping in ammo slot)
Minor redesign of Eclesius Questline
Adjusted Yakchal raid to ensure spawn of Yakchal
Refill of mana and health when raising to a new level
No item loss when dying on rookgard
Message about updates in the questlog