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Brewing rum

The art of making rum

Written by Knight of the White Wolf on Monday 10 September 2007
To make some delicious rum you'll need a Sickle, 100gp to buy a Fire Bug and a Liquid container.

First of all you'll need to buy a Fire Bug. This Fire Bug is needed to burn the Sugar Canes so they can be harvested. You can buy Fire Bugs from an NPC left of Liberty Bay in a distillery. A Fire Bug costs 100gp.

Buying a Fire Bug

Now that you have the Fire Bug, you can go to a rum field. Fields like in picture 1 from below aren't ready to harvest yet. They should look like in number 2. If they look like that use the fire bug on the fields and the Sugar Canes will start burning. When it burned out it will look like in the middle of picture 3. Now it can be cutted by using a Syckle on it. Be carefull with Fire Bugs, since they won't last forever. Eventually they will blow up (like in picture 4) draining your HP with 5.

Harvesting Sugar Canes

Afterwards you'll have to go to a rum distillery. Use your sugar canes with the distillery machine and then use your fluid container with it. Now you'll have delicious Rum in your fluid container.

A rum distillery

Credits: Guide made by Knight of the White Wolf, dressed by Hugo's Venorian Fashion Wear. No Fire Bugs were hurted to make this guide.