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New quests

Teaser 4: New quests

Written by Steven on Thursday 02 December 2010
As world events are popular, CipSoft added a few more world events now.

Bewitched: World event in January where you’ll need to collect exotic ingredients. Witches will use these to mix that brew and protect their bubbling cauldron from the forces of destruction.

A Piece of Cake: Cake Golems are about to invade the Tibian lands in February. They’ll drop dough you’ll need to build a bridge to reach a legendary island that will make your tummy happy.

New quests

The Colours of Magic: Three wizards will spread mysterious letters with coloured powders all around Tibia to see which colour - and thus, which wizard - will triumph. Choose your colour and make your friends join your cause!

Annual Autumn Vintage: In October, the Combined Magical Winterberry Society wants you to help gathering winter berries and process them to extract the juice that keeps the magic in the world flowing.

A Pirate's Death to Me: Ahoy, sea dogs and landlubbers! Show mercy and help a cursed pirate on his desperate voyage that may free his soul once and for all. Team up with old and new friends bound by fate and by the stars, form a jolly crew and explore the raging oceans of the netherworld. Arrrr!

A Pirate's Death

Last Creep Standing: Are you witty and agile enough to face the trials of Kurik? He likes to test mortals and fool around with them so, hopefully, you can count on your reactions and luck in this fun challenge.

Furthermore there will also be new achievements and new items to loot, a few new monsters... More information can be found in our test server report.

Before you were often required to travel around looking for a shop where they paid the most for your item, but this is now over. All cities will now pay the maximum price for your item, so that you can sell everything anywhere you want. Also some of the items that could not be sold before, can now be sold (look here for a list).

In the Magic Academy in Edron you can now buy all spells (also free account spells). Ultimate spells will still be sold by Zoltan. Other spells will be sold by:
* Puffels: Knight spells
* Ursula: Paladin spells
* Gundralph: Druid and sorcerer spells

Christmas is also coming to Tibia again this year and Santa will now bring nicer items and not just oranges like before.

If you want to see screenshots of the new stuff, check our test server screenshots.