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Spell icons

Teaser 3: Spell changes

Written by Steven on Thursday 25 November 2010
As CipSoft already announced on their website, some of the already existing spells will be adjusted and new spells will be added for every vocation.

When casting a spell you won’t be able to cast a spell again in some time. Now this system will get a revision so that when you cast a less powerful spell, you’ll need to wait less long then when casting a really powerful one. Spells with a big impact will give you a greater cooldown which will be displayed in-game using a cooldown bar.

Furthermore spell categories and particular instant attack and healing spells will get icons.

Also new kind of damage has been added to the game. The new damage type is called bleeding, which can be inflicted by deep wounds.

They also shared some of the new spells with us:

Annihilation Annihilation: Powerful melee attack for cases where magic is not preferred.

Curse Curse: Sometimes you get hit by a monster and you lose an increasing amount of hit points over time. This spell is also becoming available to players now.

Ultimate Flame Strike Ultimate Flame Strike: A stronger version for cases where the normal Flame Strike is not enough. Downside is that it has a quite big cooldown.

recovery Recovery: A new and cheaper healing spell for Knights and Paladins. This spell does not heal instantly, but slowly over time.

Cure Burning Cure Burning: One of the few simple spells that help you recover from a status effect. This spell in particular, stops you from burning.

Below is a full chart of all available spell icons, though without spell names. We’re trying to make a complete list of all the icons, so if you know what any of the icons could be, drop a comment.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Spell icon chart

The table below are pure speculations by us and could be wrong. If you have any remarks or any idea what another icon could be for, leave us a comment with an explanation of why you think so.

A1: Light Healing (exura)
B1: Intense Healing (exura gran)
C1: Ultimate Healing (exura vita)
D1: Divine Healing (exura san)
E1: Wound Cleansing
F1: Heal Friend
G1: Heal Party
H1: Protector (utamo tempo)
I1: Protect Party
J1: Antidote
K1: Cure Curse
L1: Cure Bleeding

A2: Cure Burning (removes burn)
B2: Cure Electrified (removes electrified)
C2: Recovery
F2: Ethereal Spear
G2: Whirlwind Throw
H2: Berserk
I2: Fierce Berserk
K2: Light Annihilation?
L2: Annihilation

A3: Groundshaker
B3: Flame Strike
C3: Great Flame Strike
D3: Ultimate Flame Strike
E3: Energy Strike
F3: Great Energy Strike
G3: Ultimate Energy Strike
H3: Ice Strike
I3: Great Ice Strike
J3: Ultimate Ice Strike
K3: Terra Strike
L3: Great Terra Strike

A4: Ultimate Terra Strike
B4: Death Strike
C4: Divine Missile
D4: Divine Caldera
E4: Energy Wave
F4: Energy Beam
G4: Great Energy Beam
H4: Fire Wave
I4: Ice Wave
J4: Eternal Winter
K4: Terra Wave
L4: Wrath of Nature

A5: Hell’s Core
B5: Eternal Winter
C5: Energy Wave
D5: Rage of the Skies
E5: Divinity (holy damage over time)
F5: Curse (death damage over time)
G5: Burn (fire damage over time)
H5: Electrify (electric damage over time)
I5: Bleeding (blood damage over time)
J5: Poison (earth damage over time)
K5: Strong Ethereal Spear