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Mounts in Tibia

Teaser 2: Mounts in Tibia

Written by Steven on Thursday 18 November 2010

Available mounts

As you could read on the official Tibia website, CipSoft will add mounts to Tibia with the upcoming winter update.

Mounts are various creatures you can ride on to increase your movement speed. For more information, check the FAQ’s below.

At the start 12 mounts will be available. Below we list all the available mounts with a screenshot of how it will look like.

Draptors: Some kind of Lizards. Dangerous beings that sometimes appear to support their kind in Zao.

Draptor mount

Stampors: Massive monsters with a high affinity for earth have settled in a dungeon below Chaochai.

Stampor mount

Midnight Panthers: These mystical creatures of the night are masters of stealth. In thick jungles, they attack by surprise and their claws can be deadly.

Midnight Panther Mount

Titanicas: Tamed gigantic crustaceans. Crustaceans feel at home in warm underwater regions and caves near water.

Titanica mount

Rapid Boars: Boars like to roam the forest and will not hesitate to use their sharp tusks to fight off attackers.

Boar mount

Undead Cave Bears: Beasts consisting of bones which sometimes accompany other undead creatures.

Undead Cave Bear mount

Tin Lizards: Not much is known about these mysterious mounts.

Tin Lizard mount

Blazebringers: Neither about these mounts is known much.

Blazebringer mount

Racing Birds: Learned after taming a Terror Bird.

Racing Bird

Black Sheep: Learned after taming a Black Sheep.

Black Sheep Mount

War Bears: Learned after taming a Bear.

War bear mount

Widow Queens: Successfully taming a Wailing Widow will also provide you with a faithful companion willing to carry you around.

Widow Queen Mount

Mounts FAQ’s

Are mounts a premium only feature?
Yes, only characters of premium players will be able to ride certain animals.

How many mounts will be available?
12 different mounts will be available with the upcoming update, which you can see higher up on this page. Of course, further mounts might become available in the future just like there are new outfits added every now and then.

Can I have more then 1 mount?
Mounts will work similar to outfits. This means you can have more than one mount: Out of those you have unlocked you can choose the one you want to ride via an outfit dialogue.

How can I mount/dismount?
Both a short-cut as well as the context menu will allow you to easily mount and dismount the tamed creature you have selected as mount.

Are all mounts easy to find?
Some of the new creatures will only appear in small random raids. These raids will occur frequently, though.

How will I get access to the mounts?
The majority of mountable creatures have to be tamed with a special taming item before you can ride them. If you have found a taming item, NPC Lothar will have more information on which creature can be tamed with it.

Where will I find the taming items?
Most of the taming items will be dropped as loot by different Tibia creatures.

Where can I find this NPC Lothar?
North-west of Carlin, in a small hut.

Will I be faster with a mount?
A mount will grant you a speed boost. Since exact values are often still open to change depending on tests and such, we won't go into further detail about the boost for now.

Can I ride a mount in a protection zone?
You will not be able to mount a creature in a protection zone. This means, you will be automatically dismounted there.

What happens if I switch outfit?
You will not be automatically dismounted if you change your outfit via the context menu. However, in case of enforced outfit changes (e.g. invisibility, swimming, creature illusion) you will be automatically dismounted.

Can I fight while mounted?
Yes, you'll be able to fight monsters and players while mounted. A mount is pretty much an outfit. This means, it's more or less a graphical effect (with a speed boost) and you can do pretty much everything that you can do without a mount with the exception of entering a protection zone. Therefore you'll be automatically dismounted there.

While mounted, can you climb stairs, go down holes, rope yourself up...
Yes, all of this will be possible while mounted.

Can you have summoned creatures while mounted?
Yes, mounts won't alter battles in any way.

Will riding certain mounts force you to wear a specific character outfit?
No, you can choose whichever outfit you want to ride any mount you want, e.g. if you want to ride a boar, you will not be forced to use the hunter outfit.

Will mounting have a casting time?
No, it will be instant. It will just pop up/disappear instantly and you'll be mounted/dismounted.

As most taming items are creature drops, will we be able to buy them from other players?
Yes, all taming items can be sold, so most mounts can be obtained by just buying the item.

Will mounts have level requirements?
No, not for the mounts that come along with the winter update, but maybe they'll in the future.

Are you immune against status effects while mounted, e.g. being drunk?
No, you can still become drunk. Being mounted is just like having another outfit equipped and won't change much.

Is there any other advantage besides nice looking and speed to ride a mount?
For the majority of mounts: No.

Can we change the colors of the mounts?
At the moment not. This might be possible in the future, but there are no such plans at the moment.

To tame a creature, I just use an item on it?
Yes, but not every try will be successful. You also need a bit of luck to tame an animal.

Does the mount speed increase stack with other speed increases?
As far as I currently know, yes. If you're mounted and e.g. have Boots of Haste equipped, you'll get the speed bonus of the mount and of the boots.