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BoaCompra - How it all started

Written by Steven on Tuesday 14 September 2010
Below is the interview with Luciano Ribeiro from TibiaBr about the start of the Brazilian premium reseller BoaCompra.

BoaCompra.com started its activities in 2004 as result of a big demand from Brazilian players for the german game Tibia, and these requests made our business become the first oficial resale company of the game in Latin America. After the entry of BoaCompra.com in the market the number of Tibia paid players increased substantially, once before that the Latin American players were limited by the burocracy of international payments.

Since then, BoaCompra.com has expanded its business in the eletronic market, counting on more than 50 services online considering stores and ways of payment. BoaCompra.com’s partnerships englobe more than 60 games, including the release of games that didn’t have market and that achieved more than 100 thousand players in one month. Actually the number of clients with access to BoaCompra.com’s site goes over 220 thousand.

Tibianews interviewed, by email, Luciano Carneiro Ribeiro, one of the company partners, who spoke about the installation of BoaCompra in Brazil, besides the difficulties they went through during this process.

Where did the idea of starting a company to sell Premium of Tibia come from once the time in the market didn’t seem favorable to it?
I don’t believe the market was not favorable, or we wouldn’t have grown so much (smiles). All started when my brother Christian and I played Tibia with friends and only we got to buy the premium access because we were the only ones who had international credit card to buy it directly from CipSoft. It was when we started to buy it for our friends and realised this could be a great profitable business.

Was it difficult for the service to caught on?
A lot of people would rather play for free and we had to show them that buying P.A. the game becomes more fun and this makes an influence in the game update. Then, in reality, Tibia got popular in Brazil after our entry in the market. Before that, P.A. was expensive, so when we became official CipSoft resellers we got to decrease its price significantly, which also has helped the game to become popular. Another interesting point to consider is that the resale system of CipSoft was created specifically to BoaCompra after we visited Germany several times. This system has made the game trade easier.

Which was the biggest difficulty you have been through during all these years?
Of course that in the beginning it was not easy. We had an idea and a dream but we couldn’t count on anyone. Many companies refuse to do consultancy, banks closed the doors when they realised our company “dealed with games”, few people took us seriously. The biggest difficulty, no doubt, was to get online payment ways in order to make the purchase of our products easier. Today the client has severals options of payment and he chooses the one he prefers, as credit card, boleto – which is a print out installment the client pays through online bank, bank account deposit, online debit and also specific payment forms for clients from Angentina, Chile, Mexico and Portugal who pay directly to BoaCompra, nothing is done in any personal account as it usually happens around here.

Deal with clients is very complex and it requires patience, mainly with games’ fans that are usually very demanding. Do the attendants get any special instruction to deal with specific situations?
It doesn’t happen only with gamers, shoppers complain (laugh). But in our case, specifically, as our business is online, the situation is a bit more delicate. Many costumers shop and want to have the product immediately, they think there is only their order to be processed. The training of our attendants focus on exactly that: try to explain to the client all the process his order goes through until it is delivered. That way the gamer gets calmer and positive that his product will be activated. For example, on sales with credit cards we have to make the transaction of each order with the credit card company, after that we have to check out if the clients’ profile information matches with the federal system and, if necessary, confirm by phone the purchase with the card holder. These are all procedures to preserve the safety of our clients and that may delay a bit more the activation of the product, but all the purchases are delivered within one business day.

BoaCompra started with Tibia, but maybe the market was not so stable if it wasn’t for the inclusion of other games in the menu. From these others, which is the most important? Which one would you recommend to Tibia players?
We have been working with so many games that it is a bit difficult to indicate one, but the ones that have been growing much in the market are the so called casual games, which are games played in relationship sites, as Street Racer. For players who like strategic browser, Desert Operation is really cool. There is also DevilFightII for the ones who like fights and gamers who prefer shooters, Crime Craft is fantastic. In our web page there are all the games we work with, there is also our youtube channel in which we are doing some game reviews.

Are there plans to work with other games in the future in order to expand even more in the world market?
They are not only plans, as we have already been doing it. We are always participating on games meetings all over the world, as Games Convention and Casual Connection – where we have already been to this year –, in order to bring updated and new partnerships to the national market. In our site there are links with videos of our participation on these meetings. We are also working on the Portuguese version of CrimeCraft to be released next December, which is a game with an enormous potential of success among brazilians. For sure it will be one of our most famous titles.

Do the employees of BoaCompra play Tibia or any other game sold by the company?
Nobody is forced to do it (smiles), but those who work at BoaCompra actually do it because like games and each release is a celebration. For sure there is no way to play them all, but Tibia is a classic in the house.

Just for statistical effect, approximately how many premiums have been drafted in TibiaBR’s competitions?
Wow! Many. There is no way to know it exactly, but it has been more than 4 thousands since 2004 and we will always continue doing promotions and competitions.

To work well it is necessary to have objectives and focus one’s efforts in specific points. From these, which is the characteristic you consider being the most important within BoaCompra’s costumer service?
There is no secret, the best way to satisfy the customer is to deliver his purchase the sooner possible, and all our efforts concentrates on this goal. Besides we attend using online chats, phone and email so that all the doubts are solved really fast.

BoaCompra attends 5 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Portugal. Do you intend to expand to other countries? Tell us more about BoaCompra’s business abroad.
For these countries we provide own payment methods but as BoaCompra is a virtual store it can get to any part of the world that has internet access. We have already sold products to Germany, Bulgaria, The United States, Spain, France, which means that any foreigner that has an international credit card can deal with us. Besides our currency is cheaper than the ones from these countries, mainly the european ones, and this fast makes the deal even better.