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Making of Zao

Razachai - The city of the Lizard kind

Written by Angel Josephine on Wednesday 01 September 2010
With the summer update 2010, many new hunting areas were introduced.
With this month's article I am going to tell you a little about the new town in Zao, the home of the Lizard kind.

The new town in Zao is very large and located far away from us Tibians, the Lizards has tried their best to make sure no outsiders will enter their rather primitive town. However, the resistance has created secret passages in and out of the town, to make it possible for the Tibians to enter.
By talking with NPC Zalamon you will start the Wrath of the Emperor quest and you will be able to enter this dangerous place.


In this town you will find many high class lizards, and if you are brave enough you will also find Draken Warmaster and Draken Spellweavers in this area. Under the town you will find Draken Abominations and Draken Elites, and trust me when I say this, they will not treat intruders kindly.
But before you may enter this place you need to have made a few missions of the Wrath of the Emperor quest. You should always keep a watchfull eye on your health while hunting here, do not underestimate these creatures, or you will earn a one way ticket to your home temple.


As a high level sorcerer I find it very easy to hunt the high class lizards. The best way to hunt here if you are a sorcerer would be to lure around 10-15 lizards and then spam healing and rage of the skies. With this technique you can easily get 400-1,5kk experience per hour depending on your stamina and how fast you are.



For knights, the lizard legionnaires and the lizard dragon priests can be too much sometimes, but if you are fast and brave enough you can trap them easily. As a knight you can easily get an average of 300k experience per hour.
I would not recommend hunting with Eternal Winter if you are a druid under level 200, your mana will run out too fast and you can get trapped easily, the best way here is to hunt with avalanches. There are places you can stand where you will only get 1 monster on you each time. Depending on your speed, stamina and choice of hunting style you can get 300k-1,2kk experience per hour here.
As a paladin the best way to hunt these is with assassin stars, but be careful and do not run after the creatures, then you will most likely get overpowered and sent to temple.
I would not recommend anyone under level 150 to hunt here.

If you have a team you can head over to the walls and hunt Draken Warmasters and Draken Spellweavers. Like I said before, always keep an eye on your hp, these drakens can hit hard if you do not watch out.
The Warmsters now drops rings of the sky, so it is very easy to get profit here. The easiest way to hunt here is having 1 blocker getting as many drakens as he can, a druid healing and throwing avalanches from a distance and then having a sorcerer waving them all. If you have a paladin with you he should use assassin stars.

Under the town you can find more difficult drakens, and these are really not to play with, if you're gonna kill them, then kill them before they kill you. You will need a scale of corruption to enter the teleport, if you do not have one, you will have to take the long way around by going through the building and head down to the lowest level. Same tactics as with the other drakens, but make sure to have avalanches even if you are a sorcerer. There are creatures here that are immune to energy.

When it comes to loot at this place, I'd say it's pretty good. 3 out of 5 hunts you can break even on your supplies or even get alot of profit. These lizards drop zaoan armors, zaoan legs, zaoan robes, tower shields, zaoan shoes, zaoan halberds, drakinatas, wands of inferno and terra rods. The Drakens drops everything you can get from the high class lizards and they also drop spellweaver's robes, zaoan helmets, draken boots, Elite draken mails, cobra crowns, twiceslicers, snake God's wristguards, shields of corruption and blades of corruption. All of these creatures also drop alot of creature products and jewels.
I would recommend having the postman quest made, as there are mailboxes nearby. Under the town there is a teleporter that leads back to the rebel camp, here you can restock supplies, food and buy parcels to send your loot to a depot of your choice.