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Tibia news

Test server feedback

Written by Steven on Wednesday 28 November 2007
A post from Craban:

Since so much of the details from the test server is being discussed here, I might as well tell you which of those details we already changed after seeing it on that test:

* The new mana potions were a little too strong in our eyes. The normal one of course stays the same, the two higher ones are better, but not as much as they were on test server. Of course, the prices for those 2 better potions have been adapted accordingly.
* The health potions proved to work very well when looking at the healing rate. However, we agree that the prices were too high, so we have lowered the prices significantly. We have also increased the healing rate of the smallest health potion a little.
* Paladins will also get their own healing spell. This one will be a little more expensive than their ultimate healing, but it will also provide them with a very decent healing rate. Using that spell + the medium health potion, paladins will be able to heal better than knights, but not quite as good as mages.
* The new holy spells have been increased a bit in their damage output.
* The range of the wands and rods and strike spells of mages has been reduced a little. They are still ranged attacks, just one square less.

Additionally, here is some information that was not yet noticed on that test server:
* The assassin stars have already been recalculated. They are now both cheaper and do not break after the first throw.
* The general mages economy will be improved mainly by the change on rune charges while most runes do not change their price or effect.

Those amongst you who will be invited to the final test server will see these changes quite soon.