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Calmera Movie Competition feedback

Written by Steven on Tuesday 27 July 2010
Coo organised a movie competition on Calmera and Tibia ML sponsored that competition with a Pigeon Trophy. Something went wrong there because the organizer extended the time of the competition and there are a lot of complaints about it, hence this post. I just want to add a note here regarding the involvement of Tibia ML in this competition as a lot of people complained about it.

Tibia ML is only involved by providing the reward and no further. We voted for the winner because it was asked to us but we had no decision in the extension of the competition and the bad rules and setup of it. It only makes us decide we won't sponsor any further competitions because people can really make a mess of it and in the end it will be us who get the blame for it.

I'm deeply sorry for everyone who think the winner was unfair because he didn't finish his movie in the given time frame but as a matter of fact he did submit it in time. It's a competition of Coo and he and he only lead this competition.

We didn't vote for Pilux because he is a staff member but because I liked his movie. Staff was not excluded from participating because this is no Tibia ML competition, we just sponsored it.

If you have any regards about this competition and ideas how we can avoid this in the future please feel free to contact me at steven@tibiaml.com.

After Pilux Mozz got the most votes. I know it's not the same but if you're a Tibia ML user I'm willing to give you a 6 month premium membership of our website and 5000 credits to buy website themes if this can somehow compensate that a staff member won. Please let me know.