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About Private Statement Reports

Written by CipSoft on Friday 11 June 2010
With the summer update, illegal private statements will be reportable by players who are part of a private conversation. In our forum, we have noticed that many players have expressed their concerns about negative consequences by this. Therefore we would like to address this issue again and point out some major advantages of the upgraded reporting system. Here are some reasons why this is a good step.

1. Better Customer Focus
The new reporting options make it a lot easier for all players to ask for help. In case of severe rule violations that affect their gameplay experience in a negative way, players are now able to make reports directly to CipSoft's inhouse customer support team.

2. Improved Customer Support
Whenever private channels were used to advertise illegal software, to spread hack links or to intimidate and harass others in the past, players could hardly do anything except using the ignore function. The new reporting system enables our players to contact us whenever they feel disturbed by a rule violating statement. With their reports the customer support team can now act and address the players' problems in a much more effective way.

3. Casual Conversations Remain Safe
In private, of course, people talk to each other in a totally different way than publicly. We don't mind casual conversations in private channels at all. Even using vulgar language among friends is fine for us as long as it is fine for your friends as well and you keep your conversations private. That means, even if private statements can be reported you will find that there is no need to change your private conversational style.

4. Ensured Privacy
When a player reports a private statement he or she just points out a possible rule violation to us. Chat logs will only be checked by a customer support member to find out whether or not the report was justified. In other words: We are not interested in what else you say there and how you say it and we will never infringe on private conversations without any reason.

5. Neutral Evaluation of Reports
By opening statement reports to the whole community, no player becomes more powerful in terms of punishments. Even if a player reports an enemy player it will not automatically have negative consequences. A report is not a guarantee for a punishment. The decision whether a punishment is appropriate or not is solely made by the customer support team.

Based on a restrained rule enforcement only those should be punished who severely violate the rules. Rest assured that it is not our aim to make conversations in Tibia more restricted in general. So give it a chance and be sure to give us feedback again in a couple of weeks after the update.

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