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Tibia news

Invite a Friend and Get a Premium Bonus!

Written by CipSoft on Wednesday 02 June 2010
Friendship plays a major role in Tibia and playing together with friends is really amazing. We want to make that experience even sweeter for you by rewarding you for something that you are already doing: recommending Tibia to friends and getting them to start playing.

knights_handshake Today, we have introduced a new feature for players with a registered Tibia account. On your account management page, you can now find the button "Invite Friend" which allows you to invite someone new to Tibia by entering his email address. An email will then be sent to that address inviting the person by providing a link which leads to the Tibia account creation page. If the invited person follows that link, creates a new Tibia account and buys premium time within 90 days after the email invitation has been sent, you will get a premium bonus for having successfully recommended Tibia.

If your invited friend buys 30 days of premium time you will receive 5 days of premium time as a little gift. If your friend buys 90 or more days, you will be rewarded with 10 days of premium time.

So do not hesitate and invite your friends to Tibia. You may send up to 20 invitations within 30 days, so enough to invite lots of friends. Soon you may head out on adventures together and share precious game moments.

Invite Your Friends!
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