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Tibia news

Happy with Tibia's Game World Types?

Written by CipSoft on Monday 31 May 2010
When the game worlds were realigned in autumn 2009, Optional, Open and Hardcore PvP worlds were born. These world types differ from each other according to their PvP gameplay possibilities. Currently, there are 3 different world types for the 77 game worlds that we have in Tibia right now. Open PvP worlds are by far the most common ones (58 worlds), followed by Optional PvP (17 worlds) and Hardcore PvP (2 worlds).

This specific distribution of world types across the various game worlds was needed in the past. But things have changed and today the distribution of world types might not meet the needs of the community any longer.

In a new developer note, we would like to know your opinion on Tibia's game world types. Do you think that 3 different game world types are enough? Do you wish for more worlds of a specific type? Or maybe just a Hardcore PvP world that is free to move to with a character world transfer? And what are your feelings about population numbers then? Do you prefer to play on worlds that are less populated than others?

We do not have any plans for changes yet since we want to hear your opinions first. Please use the template provided in the thread when you make a post. Thank you!

We are looking forward to your feedback!
Your Community Managers