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Tibia news

Make Room!

Written by CipSoft on Friday 07 May 2010
Are you tired of arranging runes and potion backpacks for hours before heading out on a hunting session? We have an idea on how this could be solved so that you can spend your precious time with real hunting instead of packing your stuff.

With this year's summer update we would like to make potions and runes stackable so that you can place up to 100 of each in one single slot in your backpack. Thus, you would gain plenty of room in your backpacks that you can use for other stuff. The weight of runes and potions would be increased a bit so that the capacity occupied by a stack with 100 potions, for example, would not be any different to the capacity you now need to carry 100 potions in backpacks. Furthermore, runes would not be chargeable anymore since you would be able to neatly place them in a stack.

Do you want to find out more about the idea we have in mind? Then check out the new developer note on the discussion board and tell us what you think about our concept. Please carefully read the short summary of our idea before you start posting there.

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