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Further Reporting Options

Written by CipSoft (translated by Tafs) on Thursday 29 April 2010
The second upgrade of our rule enforcement system is almost done. Since this year's spring patch, all players are already able to report offensive names directly to our customer support team. In the course of the following week, we will release an additional client patch which further extends the players' possibilities to report ingame offenses.

Botting Reports

If you suspect another player of using unofficial software to play, you will be able to report this player to us. All incoming reports will be processed and then analysed. The evaluated data will be used internally for our anti-cheating measures.

Rest assured that bot reports cannot be abused by players. Reported characters and their accounts will not be excluded from the game due to any unfounded accusations. Only if there is sufficient proof for illegal activities, appropriate measures will be taken.

Public Statement Reports

In addition to name reports, players will be able to report illegal statements from the public chat channels. This will allow an easier and more straightforward reporting of inappropriate chat behaviour to the customer support team. However, public statements shall only be reported if they are clearly illegal. Please understand that reports of minor offenses might be rejected.

Note that until further notice, statements in party channels, guild channels, private chat channels and the default channel as well as private messages remain unaffected and still cannot be reported.

In order to make a bot report, public statement report or a name report, open the context menu by right-clicking either on a character or a statement and choose "Report Offense". The current regulations to avoid the spamming of reports remain. Further details can be found in the FAQ as soon as the client patch is released.

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