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Tibia news

War System - Battle for Improvement

Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 20 April 2010
Are you a warrior but the current war system does not give you what you are looking for? Are you up for challenging PvP fights but cannot find any thrill in the current war system? Do you think the war system needs to be improved?

Teaser War SystemWhatever it is, tell us your opinion about Tibia's guild war system in our new feedback thread on the discussion board. Let us know what the system currently lacks, what needs to be changed or added so that you can fight epic PVP battles. We have provided a template with questions in the starting post so please make use of it when posting in the thread since that will help us to better evaluate and analyse the feedback.

The feedback of this thread will be evaluated by the developers and will have a direct impact on the further development of the war system so don't miss this chance and share your thoughts with us. Are you as skilled as you are on the battlefield when it comes to explaining to us what your are looking for in a war system?