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Tibia news

Easter Lottery

Written by CipSoft on Friday 02 April 2010
Would you like to win 360 days of premium time? Then our Easter lottery is your chance to enjoy the awesome premium features for a whole year - for free!

50 lucky winners will be drawn among all players who buy premium time within the next 14 days and whose account was created before April 2, 2010. Simply add premium time to your account within that time and you will automatically take part in the lottery, no matter how much premium time you buy or if you order it via your account page or an official reseller.


Please note that if you are one of the winners and charge back your payment, you will lose the 360 days of premium time. Also, keep in mind that your account may be banished for invalid payment if you initiate a chargeback.

Tomorrow, April 3, we will start a special thread on the discussion board with further details on the terms of the Easter lottery in case you have any question.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!
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