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Tibia news

Harmonia defeated Ferumbras

Written by Steven on Friday 23 November 2007
Today Ferumbras has paid a visit to Harmonia, where the guild Ruthless has defeated him.

Ferumbras sighted

Herganon told us that they will hold a lotery to see who'll get Ferumbras Hat. Jean Grae was the winner of the hat when they defeated Ferumbras for the first time.

Ferumbras Hat addon

According to Herganon Ferumbras was easy and only one person died, after Ferumbras was defeated because everyone wanted to get out of the room a.s.a.p. We just surrounded Ferumbras with knights and then the mages killed him.

Edit: Sir Lemar has won the internal lotery and is the proud owner of the hat addon.

Ferumbras Hat addon of Sir Lemar