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GM Ryker

Interview with GM Ryrik

Written by Steven on Tuesday 09 March 2010
Interview GM Rykir

Sara Kind: Hiho

GM Ryrik: Hello

Sara Kind: To start, can you tell me something about who you are and how you became a gamemaster?

GM Ryrik: Sure thing! I'm a student, mainly into science. I first became a Gamemaster about almost a year ago I think. How I became a Gamemaster is nothing really out of the ordinary, I like helping and after doing so for quite some time as a tutor Manina messaged me out of the blue, asking if I would like to apply. After that, the regular procedure took a while and I was finally appointed, and well... Here I am!

Sara Kind: So you started of as a Tutor?

GM Ryrik: Yes, I started out helping as a Tutor. I've always liked helping and when I found out about the Help channel and the Tutor 'position' so I didn't have to think twice before trying out the tutor test

Sara Kind: So how was your first day as a GM?

GM Ryrik: My first day? Obviously everything was rather new to me, so I didn't quite do a lot of actual report processing. The character making itself took long enough time anyway! But I got lots of help from my colleagues and actually got to follow some around to learn how everything works and how to deal with the different type of reports and so on, while also being able to read through all the GM material

GM Ryrik: I must say that I owe them a lot for helping me become the person and Gamemaster that I am today

GM Ryrik: Obviously I've also had great help from Customer Support and the Head GM too

Sara Kind: ok!
Sara Kind: Lets move on
Sara Kind: Do you play any character that is not a GM? I mean so you can do quests and team hunts.

GM Ryrik: Yes, I do play regularly

Sara Kind: Alright. So what is your favourite vocation then and why?

GM Ryrik: Tricky! They've all got their pros and cons. Right now though, I think my favorite vocation are druids. Simply for the sheer fact that they are useful in practically any type of situation!

Sara Kind: I see
Sara Kind: "You'll never forget your first dragon" Do you remember your first one?

GM Ryrik: Hehe, yes, in fact I do. Even though it was so many years ago. I can't remember ever being so freaked out as I was before (and after!) killing it. Luckily I had a friend there that was able to help me out and heal me if anything would go wrong.

Sara Kind: haha

GM Ryrik:

Sara Kind: ok, let's move on to a more serious question
Sara Kind: What do you think about the automatic tool that banishes players using illegal software?
Sara Kind: Does it steal your job or is it better to be a GM now?

GM Ryrik: As I became a Gamemaster after the change to the automatic system I can't really answer that second question properly, but I do personally think that the tool is doing an amazing job, especially after it was tweaked, even though there is still a long way to go and many improvements left before the issue is removed completely

GM Ryrik: I have faith in it though, obviously.

GM Ryrik: Naturally we, as Gamemasters, do get more time to handle other pressing issues though

Sara Kind: ok!

Sara Kind: The isle of solitude… Is that just a hangout place for GMs or is there any purpose with the island?

GM Ryrik: It's really just our home, so to speak. Somewhere that we can work in quiet and peace, to socialize with colleagues, to have smaller meetings, and so on

Sara Kind: ok, so you have all meetings in-game ?

GM Ryrik: No, absolutely not, I wish there would be more in-game meetings! They're so much more fun! Most of the discussion is done through the forums.

Sara Kind: hehe ok!
Sara Kind: Except from Isle of Solitude, which town are your favorite and why?

GM Ryrik: Hm... I would probably have to say Edron. I just love the design of it.

Sara Kind: ok
Sara Kind: Is there anything you think that can make tibia better?

GM Ryrik: What type of changes are you speaking of? Content updates?

Sara Kind: Yes, can you tell me something about it?

GM Ryrik: I don't posess any more information than you do. I would personally just like to see Tibia being greatly expanded, there are so many spawns being constantly occupied these days that it can sometimes be hard to find somewhere to hunt

Sara Kind: I totally agree with you there

GM Ryrik: I think it's clear that CipSoft has been thinking is somewhat the same terms the past updates, if you have a look at for instance Yalahar or Zao. They're huge! EEK!
GM Ryrik:

Sara Kind: Ye
Sara Kind: Ok! So let's finish this by asking you the last small questions.

GM Ryrik: Okay

Sara Kind: How much cap, hp, mana does a gamemaster have? Can you attack monsters and enter experience doors? It would be really fun if you can tell us something about it.

GM Ryrik: We're just like a level two, basically. 0 CAP, 150 HP, 0 MP. Can't attack any creatures though. We can enter all level 2 experience doors! -grin- We really got no need of being able to walk through doors

Sara Kind: hehe ok.
Sara Kind: =)

GM Ryrik: Actually, perhaps you start out with 150 HP? Was so long since I was on Rookgaard.
GM Ryrik: Stick out tongue

Sara Kind: I have no idea

Sara Kind: Really thanks for answering my questions and I really wish you good luck in the future!

GM Ryrik: Thanks, and same to you

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Interview by Tibiafans.se.