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Tibians Memories

Tibian Memories

Written by CipSoft on Thursday 04 February 2010
Funny memories are some of the best stories to tell. So why not share them with others?

Tibia's history is long and colourful and we are sure that most of you have many precious memories to look back on. In this featured article, we want to look on the bright side of Tibian life. So dig out your funniest Tibian memories, those that still bring a big smile to your face or give you a good laugh. Share them with us because we think there is no one better suited to tell such stories than you Tibians. We want you to fill this article with life!

Therefore, we cordially invite you to post your funniest moments in Tibia in the dedicated thread on our discussion board. To honour your efforts, we will add the stories that entertained us the most to this featured article. This means, the article will continuously grow and you will be the ones feeding it!

If your story makes it into this article, your post character name will be mentioned here as well. Also, this character will receive a CM token ingame! So do not hesitate and share your funniest Tibian memories with the whole community to re-live the moments. This is certainly a good chance to gain some fame!

To get things started, we community managers will share one of our funniest moments in our Tibian life with you.

Rejana: When I began my Tibian life in Rookgaard, a bit more than 5 years ago, I earned my living by killing animals and selling meat to NPCs. So I thought that trading food is a good way to make money. Then when I came to Venore, I was pretty lost at first and after I had bought my first spell, also broke. So I thought: "OK, I need to make money." Since I had no idea where to go, I fished for a while. After I had about 10 fish, I wanted to find out where I could sell it, so I asked in the chat channel: "Where can I sell fish?" - a player messaged me and said: "I buy, how many you got?" - I answered truthfully: "10". He said he would take all, and I was happy to have found a buyer that quickly. Nervously I got ready for the trade. When he saw that I offered 10 single fish, he broke out in loud laughter, just said "noob" and left. I was confused, and didn't understand what happened, so I messaged him again, and asked what I had done wrong. And he said that he had expected that I had 10 BPs of fish, that he had never heard of anybody trying to sell 10 single fish.

Mirade: If I remember correctly, it was back in 2008 when I suddenly felt the need to get a better outfit for my character to make her look more fancy. The jester outfit looked cute and seemed rather easy to get. I started to collect some things for the outfit quest. I had the pretty amount of around 15k sleeping in my bank account - which was quite much for me - so I decided to buy green tunics to trade them for a green piece of cloth since you need one in the quest. But then I thought it might be a good idea to have several green pieces of cloth in store, just in case... At that time 40 green tunics were necessary to get 1 green piece of cloth from Irmana. 10 green pieces of cloth sounded like a decent number so I had to buy 400 green tunics. I withdrew 10k from my bank account, enough money to buy them from Rudolph in Edron. Well, something I had not considered was my capacity. I was around level 22, I think, with a maximum capacity of 820, but it was always pending between 300 and 400 due to my equipment. So I bought 400 green tunics that weighed more than 3000 oz together!!! I was so shocked when I realised that the majority of my green tunics was placed on the square I was standing on, only a few had made it into my backpack... Yeah, what happened then was me running back and forth between Rudolph and the depot in Edron trying to save as many tunics as possible. Of course, there were some players who noticed the pile of tunics, made fun of the situation and spread them all across the shop. In the end, I managed to secure around 250 tunics. Well, at least I proved to be worthy of the jester outfit, I guess Bozo would have laughed himself to tears if he had seen me running to and fro.

Let's write this article together!