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Tibia news

New Player-Made Messages of the Day

Written by CipSoft on Friday 12 February 2010
A couple of weeks ago we started our second call for player-made messages of the day. More than 500 suggestions were posted in the dedicated thread "Create a Message of the Day - Second Round"! Thanks a lot to everybody who has taken part in this lively little event!

This time, we selected a total of 35 messages since there were so many rocking suggestions. Four participants are even taking part with two messages at the same time! That means, there are 31 winners.

Congratulations to: Abaa'hul, Airknight Hunter, Ar The Magical, Coconut Almighty, Debukis Antica, Dekraken durinars, Despen, Ed Loki, Eldryzif, Gizzmo Kvack, Holy Shaman, Hypogrife Rider, Jonathon Murphy, Knight Tooth, Lady Tsukira, Lord Darrigan, Lord Lisy, Lord Stalks, May Cin, Micais Saltan, Miu Alastor, Morth'Bone, Ohh Polski, Pilux, Punisher Jim, Rebecca Sniper, Roxy Baker, Sadonic, Tomathana, Wisqui kinight and Zixepev!

The selected messages will be used as messages of the day from next Monday, February 15, on. So stay tuned and log into Tibia, otherwise you will miss them.

Same as last time, there were many suggestions which were not chosen. Nevertheless, we consider them to be worth reading. Look them up in the thread "Player-Made Messages Worth Reading - Part 2" on the event board.

Have fun!
Your Community Managers