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Tibia news

New Official Resellers

Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 22 December 2009
Christmas is almost here. Are you still looking for the right presents? In that case we might have something in stock for you.

CipSoft Resellers
Three new professional partners have recently joined our official resellers network. Two of them are located in Poland, one is located in Brazil. Our partners offer secure and reliable alternatives to buy premium time from our own website. So if you or your friends have not been able to order premium time for your accounts so far, pay them a visit and have a go again!

With the new resellers on board, players from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Poland already benefit from the network. Check out our list of official resellers on the billing support board to learn who the new resellers are and how to contact them. Their websites, email addresses and the countries they serve will be listed there.

Merry Christmas!
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