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Tibia news

Live GM Chat, session two!

Written by Naedyn on Friday 11 December 2009
Did you miss the first Live GM Chat with Aestyn and Dragonas? Well, here's your chance to ask more questions with even more GMs! Aestyn once again will be running a "Live Chat" session for about one - two hours answering any questions that you, the community, might have! "From the simplest things about Tibia, to some more complex ones about real life, feel free to ask about anything so long as it fits within the rules," states Aestyn. The last meeting was a huge success, and a new date has been added for this Saturday, December 12th at 00:00 CET (the night of Saturday, into Sunday). Remember: only questions asked when the "Live Chat" starts will be answered. You can view the thread, the archives, and hopefully be there for the Live Chat, here!