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Test server info

Written by Steven on Thursday 26 November 2009
The test server is now online for a selected few, but we would like to inform you about what's new!

New Areas (and Unlockable Areas)

This update features the new continent of Zao. I will not spoil here how exactly to reach it, but you will find some small clues on where you might start in the quest section of this agenda. You can also talk to some NPCs about these areas if you hope to find out more. Especially the two steamboat captains at Kazordoon and Cormaya can probably help you.

The new area is Zao - the ancient continent where a legendary people of dragonmen reigns the jungle. The continent features a new dwarven outpost that will evolve while you process the main questline.

New NPCs

+ Farmine Dwarfs and Humans

- Cael (Sage)
- Esrik (Smith)
- Melian (Carpet Pilot)
- Murim (Bank & Post)
- Ongulf (Dwarf Expedition Leader)
- Pompan (Tool Trader)
- Prezil (Priest)
- Rabaz (Magical Equipment)
- Swolt (Tavern Owner)

+ Cavemen

- Lazaran (Cavemen Leader)
- Kito (Flavour)
- Makao (Flavour)
- Namasa (Flavour)
- Tatak (Flavour)
- Ulala (Cavemen Priest)

+ Minotaurs

- Curos (Minotaur Leader)

+ Dragonkin

- Chrak (Arena Master)
- Zalamon (Old lizard priest)
- Ztiss (Lizard leader)
- Zurak (Ferryman)

+ Other

- Melfar (Lead Miner near Kazordoon)
- Spectulus (Inventor and astronome in Edron)
- Shoddy Beggar (Edron)
- A fluffy squirrel (north of Carlin)

New Monsters

- Orc Marauder
- Lizard Legionnaire
- Lizard High Guard
- Lizard Dragon Priest
- Lizard Zaogun
- Lizard Chosen
- Draken Warmaster
- Draken Spellweaver
- Insect Swarm
- Gnarlhound
- Terramite
- Wailing Widow
- Lancer Beetle
- Killer Caiman
- Sandcrawler
- Ghastly Dragon

There are also new raids and boss monsters which will not be spoiled here. Some of them you might encounter during your quests, others maybe per coincidence.

New Outfits

We have implemented a new outfit in the Zaoan style including two addons. The addons can be combined.

New Quests

a) Area Quests

As previously mentioned, you need to proceed in some quests to be able to see all of the new area. Here are a few hints on where you might start looking for quests:

- The Way to Zao: Try to talk to the steamboat captains in Cormaya and Kazordoon, perhaps the heard about unexplored areas.
- Exploring Zao: When you reach the continent you should find various people that might need your help...

b) Outfit and Addon Quests
- Solve the main quest line, and you will automatically stumble across the new Zaoan outfit.
- Your addons for this outfit can be earned by trading items which you will also find if you explore and solve everything thoroughly.

c) Other
- There are a few quests which you will stumble upon either talking to the cavemen and the orcs. Also rumors are heard about an extraorinary inventor and atronome in Edron. He might need your help.

Items, Loot, Hunting Grounds

There are many new loot items to discover, so I won't write a comprehensive list. Find some of the new furniture and decoration items (some can be purchased, most can't), equip yourself with the new Zaoan armour set if you can discover it.

A great number of monsters have changed their loot items from heavy garbage to lighter, ahndy items, that can be sold to some NPCs that are collecting curious monster remains:

- Melunga
- Baltim
- Grizzly
- Telas
- Tothdral
- Fiona
- Irmana
- Julius
- Luna
- Baxter
- A fluffy squirrel
- Buddel
- Esrik
- Pompan