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Tibia news

Activation of Character World Transfer

Written by CipSoft on Sunday 15 November 2009
We are pleased to announce that the character world transfer will be activated on Tuesday, November 17. If you plan to move to another world and have not prepared your character yet, we recommend you to use the remaining days to get ready.

For further information on the restrictions and requirements of the character world transfer, please have a look at the manual. There, you can also find details on how to pay for a transfer.

After monitoring the number of players online for some time, we have decided to block 4 game worlds for transfer. This means you cannot transfer a character to the following worlds:

  • Celesta
  • Harmonia
  • Secura
  • Unitera

Also, we are going to set up 3 new Optional PvP game worlds on Tuesday. Two of them will be located in the USA and one of them in Germany. These new game worlds will not be blocked for transfer. The names, however, have not been decided yet. Please also note that free accounts will not be able to play with newly created characters on these worlds during the first week.