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Tibia news

Wanted: Halloween Hare

Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 03 November 2009
We finally found it! Hidden in a pile of leaves, the Halloween Hare was sleeping and snoring peacefully. It took a few good shakes to wake him up and after a couple of yawns and stretches, he reluctantly told us what had happened. Guess what, he ate too much candy and got sick. He fell asleep, his belly full of yummy treats and overslept Halloween!

But there is no need to worry. He seems to be fully recovered and true to his vicious nature, he soon scampered off into the distance with a battle cry, threatening to ravage both Rookgaard and mainland.

So be warned, brave adventures! Halloween may be over but the wicked Halloween Hare is on its way to Tibia. He should arrive this afternoon and will haunt you until tomorrow's server save!

Get ready!
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