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Tibia news

Create a Message of the Day

Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 13 October 2009
Almost every time you log into Tibia, a message of the day appears which contains important notes, gameplay hints or helpful tips for players. Possible topics for these messages were recently put to the vote. Out of the poll discussion thread we fished some interesting suggestions on how to make the messages of the day even more interesting for the players. Have a look at the news title and guess what! We will open them up for creations right from the community!

Over the course of one special week per month, starting in November, we will draw on selected player-made messages of the day. Everybody is welcome to submit messages in the designated thread on our event board.

That is how it works:
Post a short message of the day which you consider to be useful and interesting for other players. Community managers will read through your submissions and pick the most suitable messages. Every month, the selected messages will be displayed as messages of the day within a dedicated week. That week will be announced on the official website.

Please note that we might shorten your suggested messages and correct them if they contain spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Also, please read the start post of the designated thread carefully in order to learn the general guidelines for your submissions.

Now it is your turn: what, do you think, could be useful and interesting for the community? Go on and create a message of the day by yourself.

Get inspired!