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Tibia news


Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 06 October 2009
Our client fix from October 1 unfortunately caused some trouble. Due to technical problems, several clients unexpectedly crashed. As a result, some players suffered character deaths and maybe even lost items and blessings. This is an unpleasant situation for both players and CipSoft, and we deeply regret that those problems occurred.

As a form of apology, 7 days of premium time will be added to the 699 accounts which were identified as affected by this crash. This identification was based on two requirements, and both of them had to apply to an account in order to receive the compensation:

  • a crash report was sent to us, and:
  • the character that suffered from the reported crash died during the time the client version 8.51 was online.

This compensation benefits both premium and free account players. We sincerely hope that these premium days will help you recover your losses.