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Tibia news

New Tibian fansite: tibiascoop!

Written by Thuddy on Friday 18 September 2009
A new fansite has emerged from the ground and has started to gain popularity quite quickly (or would like to, anyway!) The site's founder, Thuddy, accompanied by Jack Bouer, Zanko, Warbane, Necro Gardius, and Etien just to name a few, have decided to usher in a new generation of broadcasting the news of Tibia! Although the site is still under construction, the forum is set up enough for users to sign up and take part in planning the site and help with other features.

tibiascoop will hopefully be up and running within the next month or two - but they need your help! We need your proposals and ideas heard to make the site yours. You can head over to the scoopin' Discussions or to the proposal board now and make your opinions known. If you've got some artistic talent, don't forget to check out the new contest which is to design the logo! See you there!