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Tibia news

The Making of Happenings

Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 15 September 2009
Tibia is a social game. It has the power to connect players and to make them become friends, maybe even for the rest of their lives. In our previous Topic Talk thread "Connecting Friends through Tibia", many players came up with rather personal stories about how they experienced friendship in Tibia. This time we want to dig a bit deeper. We are going to trace our players' most memorable Tibian moments, social in-game happenings that are worth being remembered.

How does it come that moments of social play turn into unique, everlasting experiences for the attendants? We have asked a couple of players about their very own unforgettable Tibia moments.


"I remember our first Guardians of Tanelorn games called 'For just one cup of water...'. It was awesome to deal with more than 20 players in a one-month game event", Purple Nailo, inhabitant of Amera, says. "That brought my guild some respect and recognition for our hard work organising in-game events."

Social happenings sometimes cannot be planned or organised. Some of them just happen, maybe by chance, maybe not. Sir Poladier from Astera remembers: "When I started playing Tibia it was seriously hard to level up because when you died you were reset to level 0. Then, one day, I witnessed famous Bubble coming back from the orc fortress after reaching level 100. That was a memorable moment." It is a moment bygone but unforgotten.

Heroism, fellowship, solidarity... let us try to get beyond those catchwords. It is your turn! Tell us the story of your most memorable social in-game happening in our new Topic Talk thread.

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