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Hardcore pvp

World Type Realignment - Explanations

Written by Korni on Sunday 13 September 2009
As you probably know, along with the Autumn Tibia Patch, CipSoft are going to revamp the types of gameworlds. Was it planned or not, they also caused a lot of confusion among players with their short descriptions of all planned changes.

Many players expected broader explanations which they received later from the Community Managers on the discussion board. You will find the excerpts of CM’s answers below.

One of the changes which are going to be introduced on Opt-PvP (Non-PvP) gameworlds is that it will no longer be possible to block narrow passages with the use of a character and items like parcels. CipSoft suggest that a way to achieve it is to allow players to pass other characters. Characters involved in guild wars will not be affected by this change – they won’t be able to pass another character they fight with. Players will not be able to walk through magic walls at all -still discussed

Please rest assured that players will not be able to walk on a depot tile you stand on – thus it will still be quite safe to pass an item to another player by placing it between two depot boxes. Keep in mind that such item can still get trashed by other players with the use of worms and gold coins.

The next question concerning Opt-PvP gameworlds referred to the war system. As you have read in our previous article, guilds will have the option to declare war to another guild. CipSoft state that they will attempt to add the duel-, party- and arena- fight modes in one of the future patches.

It is possible that the limit of unjustified kills needed to get marked with a red or a black skull will be changed along with the introduction of the war system – still discussed

CipSoft explain that friendly fire will not be removed from Open-PvP (PvP) and H-PvP (PvP-Enforced) gameworlds yet, but only until duel mode is implemented. Such a change would make Open-PvP worlds similar to Opt-PvP ones, where area-of-effect spells do not cause damage to other players.

A character that is involved in a war will not be able to get healed by a player who’s uninvolved in that war. So if a knight and a druid hunt together (knight is in a war, druid is not involved in that war), the druid will be able to heal the knight. If the knight gets attacked by a war enemy, however, the druid cannot heal the knight anymore for the duration of that PvP fight.

PvP damage (melee + distance) will not count towards your skills on Opt-PvP gameworlds, so PvP training will not be possible there.

The duration of field- an wall- type runes on Opt-PvP gameworlds will not be changed – it will still be much shorter than on Open-PvP and H-PvP servers.

CipSoft state that they continually work on anti-luring features for Opt-PvP gameworlds, as well as on a solution of stacking problem for Open-PvP and Opt-PvP (wars) where it is not possible to aim stacked characters with runes in case lots of characters are stacked on a single tile.

The game creators fully realise that the introduction of character transfers will result in a growing demand on Opt-PvP gameworlds and for this reason new servers of this type are to be opened.

Transferring a character to another gameworld will cost 19,95 EUR. CipSoft do not plan to make the first world transfer free. They do not deny that as a company CipSoft have to earn money, however it is claimed that the reason of the price being so high is to make sure that players think twice before transferring their characters.

In spite of previous announcements, players will be able to transfer their items too. A new island (protection zone) containing a special depot will be added to the gameworld. The island will be reachable from all mainland cities via a boat. We will make it impossible to send parcels to the special depot in order to prevent the depot from being overloaded (limit of 1000 items). However, you will be able to send parcels from that place to all regular depots. CipSoft can put restrictions on placing some item types in the special depot (mainly very rare items). Items in all containers you have on you will count towards the limit of 1000 items. If you want and manage to do so, you can carry all the items on you, without putting any items in the special depot. No level limit is planned so far – you will be able to transfer every mainland character. This paragraph fully applies both to premium and non-premium players – still discussed

There is no decision yet on whether free-to-move gameworlds will be created, and which ones will be marked as such. CipSoft emphasize that it will not be possible to move to certain servers at all. So far it only applies to full and newly-created gameworlds, but it is not stated that every such server will be blocked for character transfers.