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Calmeran Rare Items Exhibition

Written by Toox and Pilux on Monday 24 August 2009
An awesome rare items exhibition happened yesterday, August 23rd, in Calmera. The event brought players from all of the Tibia worlds and a lot of players from Calmera as well.

After a small delay and a messy queue, mainly caused because of messy players, the exhibition started successfully, and around 18:15 CEST the players began to enter and see the rare items.

Leferty stated on his post on the exhibition thread, on Calmeran World Board, “We couldn't gather all Calmeran rares without cooperation of their owners, that's why we missed items like Thunder Hammer..” Anyway, even though not all of the rares were available, the ones that were there made the visit worth.

Guests were asked about their opinion, almost all were the same: “It was awesome, really worth the delay and the 200gp”.

Tickets were distributed for the first 200 guests, and a lucky one would get a 99 charges rune (they would choose the world and the type of the rune). The winning ticket was the number 34, and the lucky winner was Beckiebob (Sorcerer, 82) a nice girl whose main world is Calmera. She picked a nice paralyze rune!

Pictures can be found on this thread, including the look of all the items on each room.

A small interview was made with Sonoroman, the Tibia Mx administrator, who hosted the event with Cantinelle (Tibia News administrator)

Toox: Hey Sonoroman! :b
Toox: I just think the article should have some words from the organizer Stick out tongue
Toox: Where did the idea of the event come from? You already planned to do it a long time ago?
Sonoroman: Well it's the 4th Exhibition I arranged, this last time we coworked with our old friends from TibiaNews. The idea comes from the first exhibition from the AFT guild, you might remember Taghor. We'd the idea to rearrange the event here since this last december when the fansite items were introduced. Sadly some details came out of hand with the line to get in due to the fact this is a non-Pvp and people hardly behave. Yet the staffers from TMx and TN gave their best.
Toox: I didn't know about the previous ones Smile
Sonoroman: There were two exhibitions on Isara before I moved to Calmera.
Toox: Was it hard to organize? What was the hardest thing you had to do? Stick out tongue
Sonoroman: To keep people organized.
Toox: Anything else you expected to do and could not? Or everything went as you expected?
Sonoroman: We were looking for more time to manage and see if we could "lure" some CM's and invite them to take a nap in the beds. Smile
Toox: It was awesome indeed Sono, is there anyone you would like to thank or leave a message?
Sonoroman: Yes
Toox: Go for it Smile
Sonoroman: I would like to thank everyone involved with the event, to the sponsors and the event crew. Specially to Cantinelle who helped us with the main organization part and it's time to excuse any trouble and delay we'd. Yet we hope some time in the future we could see more collaborators when Calmera's rares grow. Thanks everyone!

Such events are indeed nice, it is always good to see the Tibian community together.

Here are some nice videos made by Drako Yang, TibiaMX staff.