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Tibia news

New Dev Note about Character World Transfer

Written by CipSoft on Thursday 13 August 2009
Today, we have started a developer note which deals with a new extra service we are planning to offer: character world transfer. This might not really come as a surprise since we raised the rating of the proposal to allow world transfers from promising idea to hot topic a few weeks ago.
We would like to give players the chance to move their characters to other worlds if they do not want to continue playing on their character's original world anymore. Since a character world transfer is a huge step that does not only influence a character's future but also has an impact on a server's community, there have to be some restrictions, of course.

So are you curious to find out more about our concept? Then have a close look at the dev note and read it carefully. We are interested in your opinion and your input. Tell us what you think about it, what you like or dislike about it and most importantly, explain the reasons for your answer. Help us to tweak this idea or tell us where you see flaws and weak points. Keep in mind: the more constructive your feedback is, the better we can work with it!

We also want to call attention to our new feedback form dealing with quests in Tibia. What are your most favourite and least favourite quests in Tibia and why? The content team will evaluate your feedback to see where there is need for action and what could be improved in future quests.

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