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Tibia news

Grizzly Adams' Tasks Adjusted for High Level Characters

Written by CipSoft on Friday 14 August 2009
With today's server save, the balancing of Grizzly Adams' hunting tasks, also known as "Killing in the name of" tasks, has been improved. Unlike low- and mid-level characters, high-levels were required to spend an overly amount of time, money and ressources in order to climb the ranks of the Paw and Fur Society. Now, high-levels move up the ranks more quickly and should be able to keep up with low- and mid-level characters more easily. This adjustment was originally proposed by and discussed with players in one of our latest poll threads.

That is how the rank system worked so far:

By completing a task, your character earned 1 point. After having earned 50 points you were awarded the highest rank "Elite Hunter". It did not matter if you played a low-, mid- or high-level character. Everyone had to do the same amount of tasks in order to climb the ranks.

That is how we adjusted the system:

High-level characters now earn 3 points for completing a high-level task, and an additional point for the boss fight. So you can earn up to 4 points in total for each task you successfully complete. That means high-level characters can now reach the highest rank "Elite Hunter" by doing at least 13 tasks.

Please note that only the four existing high-level tasks given by Grizzly Adams have been adjusted. Characters up to level 89 will not experience any changes at all. Furthermore, the adjustments mentioned above only affect tasks which were or will be completed after today's server save. You will not receive any additional points for the tasks you have already completed in the past.

Apart from these changes, several bug fixes have been made: A dead end was discovered in the scatterbrained sorcerer quest and finally removed. Furthermore, it is not possible any longer to trap characters on roofs by using parcels and fire fields.

Happy hunting!