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World transfer

Character World Transfer

Written by CipSoft on Thursday 13 August 2009
Today, we have started a developer note (If you don't know what a developer note is, learn here) which deals with a new extra service we are planning to offer: character world transfer. This might not really come as a surprise since we raised the rating of the proposal to allow world transfers from promising idea to hot topic a few weeks ago.
We would like to give players the chance to move their characters to other worlds if they do not want to continue playing on their character's original world anymore. Since a character world transfer is a huge step that does not only influence a character's future but also has an impact on a server's community, there have to be some restrictions, of course.

So are you curious to find out more about our concept? Then have a close look at the dev note and read it carefully. We are interested in your opinion and your input. Tell us what you think about it, what you like or dislike about it and most importantly, explain the reasons for your answer. Help us to tweak this idea or tell us where you see flaws and weak points. Keep in mind: the more constructive your feedback is, the better we can work with it!

We also want to call attention to our new feedback form dealing with quests in Tibia. What are your most favourite and least favourite quests in Tibia and why? The content team will evaluate your feedback to see where there is need for action and what could be improved in future quests.

Tell us your opinion!

The Developer Note, posted by Mirade

Character World Transfer


We are planning to implement a character world transfer system which allows players to move an already existing character to another world. So a character will no longer be bound to the world on which he was created. The restrictions we currently have in mind are outlined below.


First of all, many players already expressed the wish to move a character to another world. There are different motivations and reasons behind that wish but some of the most frequently mentioned reasons are:

I decided for a server type without being aware of its special characteristics or because I expected something different.
Power abuse is rampant on my world and I suffer from it.
New server types were introduced when I had already created and levelled a character on an existing world.
My connection is laggy since I play on a server which is located too far away from my home country.
I have friends on another world.

Additionally, we are planning to introduce a war mode which we already explained in the last dev note. We are aware such a feature together with other changes will fundamentally alter the general conditions of the server types. Therefore, we are working on a realignment and redefinition of the server types. This means, however, players will be confronted with new conditions and server characteristics. Thus, we want to offer a world transfer service that gives players the chance to choose again on which type of server they would like to play. We will make it clear what you have to expect if you decide for a server type.

We know that the possibility to transfer a character to another world might also sound appealing to players with destructive intentions or players whose character has an inglorious past. We do not want to impose too many restrictions on the world transfer but of course, we will try to minimise the abuse potential.



• There will be a new option similar to "change sex" in the character list of the account management page. As soon as you have submitted the request, the character you want to move will be blocked until the transfer is completed. So you have to be offline to initiate a character transfer.
• You will have to pay separately for the service. The price is still to be determined.
• Once the payment has been confirmed, the transfer will take place at the server save of the current world of the character.


• A transfer will not be allowed as long as the character owns a house, is a member of a guild or is married.
• It will only be possible to transfer a character to a world with the same or more restricted PvP rules, which means from PvP-enforced to all worlds, from PvP to PvP or non-PvP and from non-PvP only to other non-PvP worlds. However, there will be some exceptions:

• There will be some worlds characters from all server types can move to. These worlds will get a special mark which will be listed on the website as additional information like "premium". The name is still to be determined. Most likely, there will be one of these "free to move to" worlds for each server type. For example, if a player with a character on a non-PvP world would like to play with this character on a PvP world instead, he or she can transfer it to the "free to move to" PvP world, even though it cannot be transferred to a normal PvP world.
• It will not be possible to transfer a character to a world that is blocked for character transfers. Typically, we would block a new server for some time. Blocked worlds will get a special mark which will be listed on the website as additional information like "premium". The name is still to be determined.

• A character can only be transferred between worlds once every 6 months.
• All depots and all containers in the inventory of the character will be deleted upon the transfer. All other items in your character's inventory as well as the bank account, the quest flags, skills, level and other character abilities (such as spells) will not be taken away from you and will also get transferred.

Side notes

• As mentioned earlier, the world transfer will come along with a server realignment and redefinition. This will not only involve the war mode but also result in further changes. We decided to focus this dev note on the world transfer service since we want to present you our future plans step by step. More details concerning the server realignment will follow in due time.
• We are aware that character world transfers will have a huge impact on the communities on each world and their nature.
• Many players define the identity of their characters at least partially through the history of their world. However, the possibility to change the game world won't change the past and the historic achievements. It will have an impact on the future history of a server and most notably, it will influence a character's life. But we want to offer player further possibilities to shape their future.
• There are other extra services which we also find interesting for the future (e.g. name change). However, we kindly ask you to focus on the character world transfer in this discussion.
The item restrictions are one of the points most open to change and we tend to be more generous here than restrictive.
• What happens with blessings/AoL upon a transfer is still an open question.

We are looking forward to valuable feedback, new perspectives maybe. Keep your feedback coming but please keep it constructive and on topic.

The more constructive your feedback is, the better we can work with it!


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