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Update teaser 5: Quests

Written by Steven on Wednesday 17 June 2009
In the discussion threads of the recent update teasers, several players asked if there would be any further quests this update than the ones that have already been introduced in earlier teasers. And indeed, there will be plenty of more questing for you to do after this year's summer update. Please read on for some hints about the new quests that will be waiting for you.

Pilgrimage of Ashes

Young adventurers often had difficulties in the past to find all sacred places in Tibia at which it is possible to be blessed. Furthermore, if they found the sacred places, they usually did not have enough money that the blessers require for their service. So many of them roamed the dangerous lands of Tibia unblessed.


To help them, the city guides of all cities have organised a special blessing round trip tour for all characters that are under level 25. They will now not only inform young travellers about the where's and what's of blessings, but also, players that follow their tour will receive a discount prize and can get blessings for mere 1,000 gold pieces each!
If you have successfully completed the tour and return to the city guide with all blessings still being intact, you will be rewarded once more for your efforts. If you should not be able to return from this trip unharmed and have lost one of the blessings already, you will still receive a small reward from the city guide, so that your death was not in vain.
We hope that many young travellers will participate in this guided tour and will visit our blessers Edala, Eremo, Humphrey, Norf and Pydar.
This quest is not available on PvP-enforced servers.


Scatterbrained Sorcerer

Newcomers in Tibia might also want to visit Eclesius, the scatterbrained sorcerer. Since he has a hard time keeping his head together, he is constantly looking for assistants who would be willing to help him and who will not be offended if he cannot remember their names.


Being a suspicious and sensitive sorcerer, he will not hire adventurers over level 20, since he fears to be made fun of or to even be backstabbed by them. However, all eager young assistants may help him with his very important tasks on a daily basis, such as polishing his crystal ball, mixing special fish flakes that are supposed to teach his goldfish how to speak, or keeping the bat plague in his attic under control. The most daring assistants may even play an important role in preventing the apocalypse - regularly. He pays well, and you also get experience by helping him.
If you have proven yourself to be worthy, he might also send you on a couple of bigger one-time missions. Discover an anti-smelly-feet-hex to get rid of the strange stench which seems to have its source in Eclesius' sandals or assist him in becoming a god by creating his very own Tibian race - well, so far the theory. If he really starts to trust you, he might even confide in you and ask you for help to remember some of his old memories.



Treasure Hunt


Everybody who is interested in solving puzzles might be interested in treasure hunts. Rumours are spreading across the Tibian lands that finally somebody has discovered traces of proof that there really are retrievable secret and hidden pirate treasures of enormous value on Treasure Island. Should this be true? Maybe the pirates will reveal some more information about it....? No doubt though, that they will not give you any information voluntarily.

Royal Rescue

The more experienced adventurers who have long passed the level 50 line, might want to apply for a job to assist Emperor Rehal. He is devastated, since his son did not return from his expedition into the long deserted deeper mines on Mistrock. He is long overdue and the emperor fears the worst.


You should only volunteer to help, though, if you are really up to meeting several challenges and dangers. You will need a smart head, strong arms and a good portion of luck on your way.




Shadows of Yalahar


Adventurers that are on their way to the magic goal of level 100 might be interested in what Telas has to say. The name might ring a bell to you if you have been in the service of Yalahar before. You will most likely be able to find him in Stonehome. He is looking for smart and brave adventurers who will help him in his quest for knowledge and who will retrieve long lost artefacts of golem technology for him. Be prepared to learn some of Yalahar's most dangerous secrets!

Isle of Evil

Also, a dwarf has been spotted somewhere around Kazordoon who is either very paranoid, or a conspiracy theorist. He mumbles funny sounding things, and you should not really pay much attention to whatever he says. Or should you...?


If you decide to stand by the dwarf Rapanaio and to help him in his fight to save the world, be prepared for a journey to a place of unspeakable evil and face enemies you never imagined. We hope that you will keep your senses together during this desperate struggle to stop a plot of evil that would shake the world.

Happy questing!
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