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Update teaser 3

Update teaser 3: Hunting ground changes

Written by CipSoft on Wednesday 03 June 2009
In the Featured Article of March 2009 our graphic artist Jan has given us an insight into the creation of new monsters. He exemplified the process by creating a medusa.
In this year's summer update, the medusa will finally be released. So be careful if you come across a wild looking monster that's hair style is made of snakes. It is not their nature to roam the lands freely, though. They are usually bound to specific places, so you do not have to worry that you will meet a medusa on a peaceful stroll through the lands of Tibia.


In the Featured Article of April 2009, we have explained, how we evaluate hunting grounds in Tibia. For this year's summer update, we have done this again and have adjusted some hunting grounds according to your feedback in the Hunting Ground Analysis Thread, and the data that we collected automatically:

There were several monsters that were not attractive to hunt, because either the loot rate was not good enough to make any profit while hunting, or the loot itself was not valuable for you. So for example, the loot of hellspawns, wyrms, war golems, lost souls and energy elementals has been improved. Improving the loot means that these monsters now carry either more items that can be sold, rarer items or potions, or that the drop rate was raised.

Wyrms also yield more experience points now, as well as war golems and grim reapers, for instance. Apart from loot and experience point adjustments, there were plenty of further changes:

Some monsters were deemed too strong, so the gods have interfered. Mutated humans, for example, have been weakened by a curse. They still know how to paralyse or poison their victims, but their evil attacks will not have such a great effect anymore. Something similar happened to the war golem. Its ability to heal itself was reduced.
Grim reapers and lost souls withstood the curse of the gods and kept their skills, however, that effort cost them several hit points.
It has also been discovered that water elementals sometimes swallow different things which they cannot digest. It is difficult to get to those things while they are alive, but if you ever kill a water elemental, maybe you should try fishing in the corpse. You might be surprised.

For unknown reasons, wisps have developed antipathy against humans. They will not bug you anymore and will rather try to avoid you. Some warriors suspect that they are trying to hide something...

In our hunting ground analysis, we have also discovered some very unhappy monsters. The gods have listened to their complaints, and they underwent some special training.
Infernalists, for example, were so annoyed by demon skeletons that they quickly learned a new kind of attack to harm them.
Chakoyas complained that they were in a real bad shape, so they received some physical training. They got indeed stronger during the training, however, they still complained that they felt weak. The gods then discovered that they carry all their belongings around with them, which practically wears them out. So as a solution, the gods taught them how to store items in save places. Now they feel a lot fitter and do not have to carry everything around with them anymore.
Ice witches were also among the complaining monsters. They saw their chance and attended every single training. Unfortunately, they did not pick up anything useful, except that they improved their magic a little bit due to practising. Seeing their disappointment, the gods showed compassion and increased their hitpoints.

There were several further monster changes, however, these are the most prominent examples of the gods' interference. They did not only change the monsters, though. They also reshaped the landscape a little bit. If you look closely, you might discover a new way to reach Chor, for example.
Also, since the demons in Yalahar were tired of so many people stopping by, the gods have listened to their complaints and made it a little bit harder for you to get there.
Since the bog raider bosses were so intimidated by the monsters surrounding them, they decided to move when they were given the chance.

When some alarmed citizens of Tibia warned the gods about too many monsters roaming the lands and it being too dangerous for travellers, the gods did not listen, however. So in an anti-crisis-meeting, the citizens decided to elect some of them that would now be in charge of searching brave adventurers who would help them solving this problem.
Courageous warriors will now be able to sign up for a new type of task. Essential skills each applicant needs are endurance and bravery. It does not matter how experienced you are, the elected citizens are looking for volunteers of all experience levels. They are not going to expose their helpers to any more risk than necessary, so if you are interested, you should really try to apply. One of these elected citizens you could apply to is Grizzly Adams in Port Hope, for example.


If the elected citizens will consider you for such a task, they will secretly inform you about which monsters currently pose a threat. Then the next step is up to you. After you have killed plenty of these monsters, you will not only be rewarded with cash, but also an experience gain.
Such tasks are a good way to enhance your regular everyday hunting, by the way, so it is really worth it, helping to free Tibia from fierce monsters. And while doing so, you might even meet new challenging monsters. Rumor has it, that sometimes the monsters find out that they are on the Wanted lists, so they inform their bosses and ask them for help. Maybe you might even be able to prove your courage in a fight with Necropharus or Demodras, for example.

We hope you enjoy discovering the recent doings of the gods!
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