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Black Skull

Update teaser: Expansion of the Skull System

Written by CipSoft on Wednesday 27 May 2009
In our second update teaser, we want to give you a preview on the first steps we are going to take to achieve the goals we outlined with respect to the PvP system. As you can read in the featured article "PvP in Focus", we approached the re-evaluation of Tibia's PvP system with due care since we are aware of its complexity and the controversy of this issue. Therefore, we tried to involve you, Tibia's community, in this re-evaluation right from start. The feedback from the first public discussions formed the basis of our internal discussions. Several weeks ago, we presented you two of the ideas that emerged from these discussions in our developer notes. The comments, doubts and suggestions that were raised in the designated threads helped us to make some adjustments and to come to a final decision.

As we have already stated on the discussion board, we have dropped the idea to introduce non-PvP zones on normal PvP worlds due to the extensive criticism it received. Nevertheless, several protection zones and what you can find there will change a bit. For example, NPC Lokur in Kazordoon's depot is currently training his banking skills. So in addition to his work as a postman he will also offer banking services from the update on. In Ankrahmun and Port Hope, for example, some shops will also become protection zones. Moreover, promotion places will be turned into protection zones. Also, the Tibian royals will no longer tolerate any violence in their dignified rooms.

Generally speaking, the feedback we received on the black skull concept was quite positive even though several aspects were critised. The majority of players who took part in the discussion approved of the general idea to replace the banishment for excessive unjustified player killing by ingame punishments. However, our idea of an instant death at the moment a character receives a black skull was approached with considerable scepticism. We carefully considered your arguments, reviewed our concept and made several adjustments to meet the points of criticism.

With the summer update, we will remove the banishment reason excessive unjustified player killing, it will no longer exist. Yet, ingame restrictions are necessary to ensure that the situation does not get out of hand. Even though player killing is allowed on normal PvP worlds, we want to prevent rampant killing sprees. Therefore, we decided to focus on the skull system and to develop it further: The black skull will be added to the current skull system with the forthcoming update.

Skulls May

If you reach twice the number of unjustified kills that are needed to get a red skull, your character will then receive a black skull for 45 days. Since the character showed an overly aggressive behaviour by killing too many unmarked players, he will have to face severe consequences in-game.
Of course, a black skull will have the same effects as a red skull. In addition, a black skulled character will neither be able to target an unmarked character for the duration of the black skull (45 days) nor will he be able to use aggressive area spells like waves, beams and strike spells that are not clearly aimed at a target, aggressive area runes, burst arrows, summon spells, undead legion, or convince. Also, he will receive full damage in PvP during that time, which means 100% damage instead of just 50% so he should better try to stay out of conflicts.
Moreover, if a character with a black skull dies he will spawn in temple with no more than 40 hitpoints and 0 mana. So roaming the streets will become quite dangerous for black skulls, they will be easy prey then.

But there are more things we are going to change about the skull system. If a whole group of players attacks and kills an unmarked player, all should be punished for the unjustified murder. Therefore, the last 20 damage dealers that have done damage within the last 60 seconds before the death will be counted as killers and get displayed and linked on the character information page of the victim.

We also think that characters should have the chance to defend themselves without negative consequences in case of an attack. Why should you be punished with a protection zone block if the aggressive act was not committed by yourself?
From the summer update on, you will be able to fight back without getting a protection zone block if someone attacks you, even if you manage to kill the attacker. So if you get ambushed and decide to strike back but then realise that it is still better to run, you will be able to take shelter in a protection zone.
Red and black skulled characters will also be able to defend themselves if they get attacked since attacking a marked player will result in a yellow skull. However, with a black skull you will only be able to use attacks for which you need to target a character.
Please note that striking back without getting a protection zone block will not be possible on the PvP-enforced worlds. It will only apply to normal PvP worlds.

Also, two additional symbols will be introduced with the update. A protection zone block will be displayed as another version of the logout block symbol. Moreover, a new symbol will appear if your character stands on a protection zone field. So no guessing anymore if you are within, or outside, a protection zone.

Beware of the black skull!
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