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Tibia ML news

TibiaNordic - Looking for Finnish and Danish players!

Written by Stern on Friday 15 May 2009

In the earlier days of TibiaNordic, we translated the website fully in to Swedish and Norwegian. Although with the Norwegian fanbase declining and some bad decisions on our part we started to focus solely on to Swedish. However, now TibiaNordic are on the hunt to regain its place in the Supported fansite structure, we are officially on the search for players who can speak Finnish and Danish!

With the major update to TibiaNordic scheduled for the middle of next month, we have decided to bring back meaning to the word Nordic and try to branch out more. We are currently looking for 5 people for each language with a medium to high level of typing skills (in both English and Finnish/Danish) to join our staff, and two dedicated people to join our Senior Staff position and head the department. If you're interested please make an application on the TibiaNordic.com application board, or simply PM Stern on either TibiaNordic, Tibiacity or Tibia ML.