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Tibia ML news

Tibia ML a Promoted Tibia Fansite

Written by Myst'Sharion on Wednesday 29 April 2009
About half a year after introducing a new status- "promoted fansite", all official tibia fansites have been reevaluated and we proudly announce, that Tibia ML is a promoted tibia fansite from now on.

promoted fansite

Three other fansites joined the rank with us, PortalTibia, TibiaMx and TibiaVenezuela. Congratulations to the teams of these websites.

The status of promoted fansite is only given to fansites that are up-to-date constantly and that often publish own generated content. It means that you can always rely on our website.

We would like to thank all of you, our dear users, for visiting our website.

Tibia ML staff