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Tibia news

Get Ready for Some Pranks!

Written by CipSoft on Wednesday 01 April 2009
Attention pranksters!
Our witty NPC Hoaxette has been spotted in Thais, which means it is time for some nice practical jokes and laughter. During the whole month, she will offer special stuff that comes in quite handy for anyone who is up to some pranks. Ever got a so-so present from one of your Tibian friends? Well, maybe it is time to reward their kindness with one of Hoaxette's present boxes that will certainly blow them away. Or get them a fluffy, supersoft pillow - Whoopee!


But beware, rumour has it that Undead Jesters will seek revenge for pranks that failed or went totally wrong. If you are tough and brave enough to face them, however, you might be astonished by the stuff they carry with them.

Roll Over With Laughter!
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