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Revised Privacy Policy

Written by Rivao on Monday 23 March 2009
Our privacy policy specifies in detail which information we collect from our players and for which purposes we can process and use this information. Every Tibia player has to agree to this policy upon creating a Tibia account.

We have now revised our privacy policy and would like to inform you about the most important changes:

Paragraph 2 of the privacy policy deals with usage data that is automatically determined and transmitted when you use any of our services. The type of usage data that we store has now been extended to include data about hardware and software of the user's computer system. We will mainly use this data for anonymous statistical surveys, for error analysis and the optimisation of our services.

Paragraph 6 deals with the usage of personal data for conducting marketing actions. In the revised version of the privacy policy, the way to subscribe or unsubscribe a newsletter has been specified. It is currently not possible to subscribe to a newsletter, but we will offer such a service in the future.

Paragraph 8 deals with the transfer of data to third parties. We added to this paragraph that we pass on IP addresses, data about requested web pages and other related usage data to third party services for traffic and log analysis to compile anonymous statistical surveys about the usage of our online services. An example of such a third party is Google Analytics.

Paragraph 9 refers to changing the privacy policy. The wording of this paragraph has been altered to emphasise that the new privacy policy will apply to any user who has not revoked his or her declaration of consent within 30 days after the changes have been officially announced.

As it is explained in the old version of the privacy policy and the new version of the privacy policy, these changes will become effective in 30 days, on April 22, 2009.

Please take the time to review the new privacy policy!
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