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Fiction Fighters

Fiction Fighters - The Alignments: Part 3

Written by Steven on Wednesday 18 February 2009
Fiction Fighters news

On a day, very much like today, a magic portal opens in your computer... delivering this wax-sealed Fiction Fighters Newsletter to you. You break the seal and...

Here we are, for the latest Fiction Fighters Newsletter. Wipe the dust away and listen to my words. There is but one attitude left, and now I will reveal to you the aeon-old lore about "True Magic".

Professor Troll

Do you like the idea of reading thousands of books filled with geometric stuff and incomprehensible runes? Do you believe that old and dusty books must hold a terrible secret? Do you revel in the thought that one day you will open a chain bound tome, glowing with runes, screaming unspeakable words into your mind (the book is named Sammy, by the way). And do you dream of, after reading the book and after consulting an ear specialist, being able to play heads or tails with tectonic plates? Yes, you do? Welcome to "True Magic".

True Magic

Mages are somewhat special. They like beautiful things, huge books, pointy hats, any combination of those and fancy artefacts in general. Any mage would readily spend a few years developing a spell to create a mind-twisting, multidimensional... lawn chair, just because he or she can and just because it does look much cooler. Mages do not walk because it would simply be too profane, really. They teleport or summon huge dragons that carry them around (which can be a very dangerous endeavour if you missed learning the "Create really outstanding masses of food" spell). When it comes to home constructions, they like building floating gardens (hanging gardens are soooo last century), floating houses and floating dinner tables. Those make serving dinner to non-airborne guests quite a challenge, by the way. Mages are, to a certain degree, dignified and very accurate. That's because inaccurate mages tend to have rather short lives. (You didn't ever try to convince "C'ToGhnr - Archdemon of the Tarpits of Doom" that the imprisonment pentagram he is standing in is NOT broken but just a modern and stylised version of the classical one, did you?)

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Enlarge image: Fiction Fighters house

Furthermore mages deem "Tech" stuff very old-school and unsophisticated. All those flashy lights... and this... this science nonsense. I mean explaining reality with logic is so bland! And hell yes, somehow those "Techs" really manage to mess up every spell you have carefully prepared. Raws, on the other hand, are fine fellows. They never talk logically. And they don't talk about science either and, best of all, they smash "Tech" stuff. Oh well, and they succumb to magic very easily, which is definitely a plus. Aside from that they are mostly harmless.

Anyway, the mages make Alexandria a MUCH more beautiful and airborne place. They really build neatly decorated houses with lots of floating stuff and countless shiny glowing gates to the "Infernal Fields of Despair" (which are a beauty to behold at night).