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Tibia news

Valentine's Day

Written by Fapstation (translated by Fapstation) on Tuesday 10 February 2009
It's February, Valentine's Day is getting closer and almost everything comes in the shape of a heart. The thoughts of many turn to love and romance. Do you also want to express feelings of admiration and affection but are still looking for the perfect present?

Valentina, our dear part-time matchmaker, has already set out for Greenshore and is expected to arrive right on time. On Saturday, February 14, she will offer some lovely items you can buy to bring joy to the ones you hold dear.
A romantic poem written on a beautiful Valentine's Card will be a keepsake forever. If you want to delight your beloved with flowers rather than words, a colourful flower bouquet will certainly make your sweetheart happy. Or do you want to surprise someone special with a candlelight dinner and one of Valentina's heart shaped cakes? Whatever you give, give it with all your heart.

If you are in the mood to party the whole month long, you should visit NPC Stan in Venore who offers all you need to throw a great costume party. You can buy fancy costumes, trumpets and party hats from him until the end of February. Fun is included for free, of course.