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Tibia news

Congratulations Secura

Written by Angel Josephine on Tuesday 06 January 2009
Yesterday, Secura was the lucky server to recieve 2 bosses in the same day. After failing to kill Morgaroth a few days ago, Secura now had a chance to kill him again.
First, Ghazabaran spawned, and the securans fought well with Sir Bomme as the main blocker and looted a pair of golden boots from this mighty demon.

Golden Boots

Two hours later, Morgaroth spawned. Once again, the Securans braved this beast and killed it and looted a Fireborn Giant Armor from it. The main blockers here were Kavon Doskonaly Knight, Sir Bomme and Gerald Riv.


Congratulations to Secura!
If you wish to congratulate then you can post on this thread.