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GM Xane

GM Xane Doombringer Interview

Written by Pleckto iv on Monday 08 December 2008
Your vote got heard! Three days ago Jenny and Silent Defender stole some time away from Xane Doombringer, one of the newest gamemasters from the last round selection. Learn more about GM Xane Doombringer and the GM team here.

Jenny: First an opening statement, could you tell us a little bit about GM Xane Doombringer?

Xane Doombringer: Well in order to keep my identity secret I'll have to be vague but I was given my cape in the last round of new GM's. I'm in my 20's and am a college student studying business

Jenny: CipSoft must think college students are smart! What was it like creating your first account and logging into to a 2d game for the first time?

Xane Doombringer: Back over 6 years ago the game was totally different. I actually watched a friend of mine play for a day or two before I was hooked and had to run home to create my own account.

Silent Defender: What actions of players do you believe ruins other people's playing experience the most on tibia?

Xane Doombringer: The general 'power abuse' ruins people's fun the most. The power abuse stems directly from botters. People who do not know how to handle the responsibility are given powerful characters due to botting.

Silent Defender: What was your first day as a Gamemaster like?

Xane Doombringer: It was nerve racking to say the least. I was so afraid of making a mistake while I had 8~ other gamemastersand a couple CM's watching me and congratulating me. They were all really helpful and nice but I was still extremely nervous.

Silent Defender: Was it hard to learn how to become a Gamemaster?

Xane Doombringer: It actually was fairly difficult.....mostly because it was so time consuming. There are so many regulations and interpretations of the rules so it takes a while to know how to handle each situation in the best way possible.

Silent Defender: Are there any funny or interesting GM stories you could tell us?

Xane Doombringer: Even in the relatively short amount of time that I have been a GM, the funniest things are the excuses people come up with in their banishment complaints.

I had a guy who received a simple, first offense for a minor offensive statement.His ban was a mild 7 days until he decided to tell me that it wasn't HIM who flipped me off it was his friend playing his character while he was. Now he has a 30 day ban and a deletion warning for account sharing. He paid a big price for going to the bathroom. Poor guy, I almost felt sorry for him!

Jenny: Wow, August 1st you are reporting statements and all of a sudden August 25th is here and you are banishing botters. What were your thoughts on August 1st compared to August 25th.

Xane Doombringer: Well I had been asked to apply for the position before August first but I had no idea if I had made the cut or not Stick out tongue

I learned a lot more about the game that I thought I already knew back when i was a senior tutor....a lot more knowledge and a lot more responsibility

Silent Defender: If you could add something to the update , what would you do?

Xane Doombringer: It would surely be some sort of auto bot detection to stop the massive botters....but since CIP recently announced that they have plans to implement anti bot features in the first quarter of 2009 I guess I will have to be patient

Jenny: Back to gming, why do you think you were chosen out of 2,800 other tutors?

Xane Doombringer: That is a really tough one because I never thought it would actually happen. I just tried to be myself, stay active, and show that I possessed the knowledge and responsibility to fit the position.

Jenny: How long were you a tutor/senior tutor before becoming a gamemaster?

Xane Doombringer: I can't be too specific with that but I was a tutor/ST for over 2 years before becoming a GM

Jenny: How do you think you built that trust factor with CipSoft on the forums and in-game?

Xane Doombringer: As a tutor/senior tutor, I made countless statement and name reports which likely helped prove my knowledge. Also, being active on the forums just helps build a relationship over time to where they get to know people's work ethics.

Jenny: What is your most memorable moment in Tibia?

Xane Doombringer: There are quite a few memorable moments from doing old quests with friends back in the day all the way up through being asked to apply to be a GM and then becoming a GM

Jenny: While you two are playing child games and Xane is teleporting to the ball, could you mention how you were invited to apply for the position of gamemaster?

Xane Doombringer: I was on my main character one day and I had just killed a guy for randomly PK'n a friend and then I got a message from CM Alguzara....I thought for sure I was in trouble for something (like killing that guy)

Jenny: Now it is the twisted part... Time to change things up, you get the chance to ask Silent Defender or myself questions.... Go!

Xane Doombringer: now for my question.....why was I selected to be interviewed?

Jenny: There was actually a poll created by my brother on Tibia ML, you were in first place at the time... Until Mercutio entered. Frown Those dang cms....

Xane Doombringer: Argh! That blasted Mercutio....I'll have his head if he ever logs on that test server!

Xane Doombringer: How long have you each played Tibia?

Silent Defender: started early 2002 on antica

Jenny: January 2001 - Antica - Crappy Druid

Xane Doombringer: What are your favorite vocations and why

Silent Defender: knight because It is not about how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit and keep pushing forward Wink

Jenny: No Vocation because you do not have to make a tough choice at the oracle...

While the night is getting older and the other two go off and push a beach ball around and leave the girl sitting here in the cold, there is only one conclusion from this interview. Boys will be boys...

Interview by Jenny from Tibia Events and Silent Defender.

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