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Private test server

Written by Steven on Tuesday 02 December 2008

New Areas (and Unlockable Areas)

Yalahar - the ancient city which has grown larger than the island it was built on
- Say "Yalahar" to Captain Max at Liberty Bay
- You can do a quest to reduced prices and sail to Yalahar from different locations

Vengoth - the haunted area with a black history

Mistrock - the rocky island which is always covered in fog

Fenrock - once a fiery island, now snowcapped, but with a secret

New NPCs

Yalahar centre and quarters
- Armenius (tavern, quest)
- Azerus (quest)
- Captain Cookie (explorer captain)
- Chuckles (magic store)
- Dorbin (furniture store)
- Edna (guide)
- Ethan (paladin trainer)
- Gree Dee (equipment trade)
- Iriana (quest)
- Jimmy (quest)
- Julius (quest)
- Karith (captain, quest)
- Lisander (quest)
- Lorietta (priest)
- Maris (quest)
- Oiriz (gem store)
- Ortheus (quest)
- Palimuth (quest)
- Pugwah (tavern)
- Redward (post office)
- Serafin (food trader)
- Soilance (food trader)
- Tamara (druid trainer)
- Tamoril (sorcerer trainer)
- Tarak (ferryman)
- Timothy (explorer society)
- Vincent (distance weapons)
- Zarak (knight trainer)
- Znozel (banker)
- Yalahari

- Garzon (quest)
- Paja (quest)

Mistrock and Fenrock
- whoever you might find there

- Eliza (party spell teacher, Edron)
- Florentine (trader, Carlin)
- Wyrdin (quest, Edron)

New Monsters

- Vampire Bride
- Mutated Rat
- Worker Golem
- Undead Gladiator
- Mutated Bat
- Werewolf
- Haunted Treeling
- Zombie
- Tar Blob
- Acid Blob
- Mercury Blob
- Mutated Tiger
- Gozzler
- Mutated Tiger
- Nightstalker
- Nightmare Scion
- Hellspawn
- Mutated Human
- Damaged Worker Golem
- Crazed Beggar
- Gang Member
- Gladiator
- Mad Scientist
- War Golem
- Death Blob

There are also new raids and boss monsters which will not be spoiled here. Some of them you might encounter during your quests, others maybe per coincidence.

New graphics:

New Outfits

We have implemented a new outfit in the Yalaharian style including two addons. Both addons change the look of the Yalaharian outfit drastically and are limited to one per character, which means you can earn only one of the two addons. It is rumoured that everybody gets the addon he or she deserves and which fits his or her attitude best. Find out for yourself who you really are.

In addition, the gamemaster outfit has been adjusted to fit the other outfits for tool characters. Of couse, this outfit cannot be chosen by normal characters.

New Quests

a) Area Quests

As previously mentioned, you need to proceed in some quests to be able to see all of the new areas. Here are a few hints on where you might start looking for quests:

- The Way to Yalahar: Talk to Captain Max at Liberty Bay
- Reaching Vengoth: Look for an interesting note in the depot in Yalahar.
- Reaching Fenrock and Mistrock: Ask the guards between the quarters of Yalahar. Maybe one of them knows someone who might take you there.

b) Outfit and Addon Quests

- Solve the main quest line, and you will automatically stumble across the new Yalaharian outfit.
- Your specific addon for this outfit can be earned by trading an item which you will also find if you explore and solve everything thoroughly.

c) Other

- There are a few quests which you will stumble upon either in the city quarters or on the outer islands. Just talk to everyone you meet on your journey.

This time there are many different means to solve the questlines. Make sure that you do not always make the same choice as your friend does. Try out other ways and options! There's quite some hidden and sometimes fun stuff which you can only discover by being keen to experiment.

Items, Loot, Hunting Grounds

There are many new fun items to discover, so I won't write a comprehensive list. Find some of the new furniture and decoration items (some can be purchased, most can't), equip yourself with the new Yalaharian armour set if you can discover it and think of a way to put the rusty armour pieces you'll sometimes see to a good use.

As previously mentioned, please check out some of the old hunting grounds, especially the Pits of Inferno if you're one of those strong enough to hunt down there. If you solved the Pits of Inferno quest, look around in that havocked area to maybe find a shortcut past the annoying riddle part. Check out the monsters there and in the Edron demon forge - all of them have been pimped with much better experience, sometimes slightly different stats and better loot. Many elementals have also been improved, e.g. energy elementals got a corpse and loot now, earth elementals don't hit that hard anymore and have also improved loot, some just give more experience now. Sea Serpents and Serpent Spawns have also been revised and made better for you, just like many other monsters. However, a few monsters are also stronger now, e.g. the Bog Raider, who had a lousy attack - so beware if you meet them, they should fight for the experience they give now, however nothing was changed about their money.

One thing you will probably notice later on - very strong bosses have better loot now, especially those which appear only twice a year. So next time such a raid is announced on your server, be sure to take part in the fight, there are great chances that something very nice will pop out. Well, maybe you'll already have the chance on the test server - we'll see!

Talking about loot, there is a huge list of items (esp. semi-rares) which are now sellable to Rashid or to some other NPCs (e.g. Lailene). Check out their wares lists and if you have any of this stuff, please try selling it to them.

New items:
Rusty Armor
Large Gem
Brocade Bag and Brocade Backpack

Items with new graphics:
Griffin Shield
Hat Of The Mad
Noble Armor
Strange Talisman
Crystal Necklace

New Party Features and Party Buffs

a) Please test the following new party features:

Party-Chat channel
- Name in Client: "Party"; is locked automatically when the party is disbanded
- Upon joining a party, the player is also informed in green that there is a party chat

Loot message:
- White message in party chat stating "loot of monster: list of items and amounts"
- Appears only on owned containers (monsters with a body that can be opened) of the owner of the container is the respective party

Shared Experience Bonus of 5%
- The bonus is rounded down to the nearest full experience point (players will only profit from this with monsters that yield at least 20 experience points)

b) You can buy all of the new party spells from Eliza in the Edron academy. Here's an overview for you:

- Train Party, Knight, Level 32: utito mas sio
- Protect Party, Paladin, Level 32: utamo mas sio
- Heal Party, Druid, Level 32: utura mas sio
- Enchant Party, Sorcerer, Level 32: utori mas sio

Their basic features are:
- Count as support spells (means you can't cast any other support spell at the same time)
- Can only be casted when in a party and if a party member is in your casting range
- Affect an area around the caster like the old mass healing spell, including the caster
- Manacost adapts to the amount of party members that are affected.

New Spells and Spell Adjustments

a) Old Spell adjusted:
- Wild Growth can only be casted on a rune now. That rune works basically like a magic wall and can only be used by druids.

b) You can buy all of the new spells from the spell trainers in Edron. Here's an overview:

- Charge, Knight, Level 25: utani hora hur
- Protector, Knight, Level 55: utamo hora
- Blood Rage, Knight, Level 60: utito hora
As a knight, you can only know Protector OR Blood Rage, but once you bought both, swap between them for a price of 500 gold.

- Holy Missile Rune, Paladin, 27: adori san
- Swift Foot, Paladin, Level 55: utamo hora san
- Sharpshooter, Paladin, Level 60: utito hora san
As a paladin, you can only know Swift Foot OR Sharpshooter, but once you bought both, swap between them for a price of 500 gold.

You can also buy the Wild Growth rune and the Holy Missile rune from Alexander in Edron, but can only use them if you have the according vocation.


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