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Fiction Fighters

Fiction Fighters: The Alignments Part 2 - High Tech

Written by CipSoft on Monday 01 December 2008
Fiction Fighters news

Much anticipated by the daring audience, it has finally come to you from outer space... "The Fiction Fighters Newsletter (from Outer Space)"!

Professor Web

So, here we go again. Today I will give you some information about the second alignment of Fiction Fighters, "High Tech". If words like "Mainframe", "Quantum Singularity", "Antiproton Oscillator", "Huffman-Chang Energy Fluctuation Transducer" or any combination of those makes you snicker... welcome to the team.

High Tech

Techs mod their houses like other people pimp their cars. And I definitely do NOT talk about modern architecture. Although words like "junk art" might pop into the minds of some people when seeing the houses of Techs, I tell you this... it's not art... it's lifestyle! Tons of more or less dangerous high-tech equipment - bolted, tied and welded to the walls or floating around somewhere in or around the house or even in another quantum reality. Millions of cables hanging around and connecting stuff that's incredibly hard to spell to other stuff that's even harder to spell. And somehow this is working because Techs have a knack for building incredible engines and an inexplicable love for blackboards and chalk.

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Enlarge image: High Tech House

This attitude has brought to us some of the greatest achievements in the world! Among them: space travel, underwater cities, electronic cash, laser cannons and talking food dispensers. In fact, most of the stuff I use for cooking my breakfast is some "tech invention", including toast (and toasters, for that matter). Techs are driven by an unstoppable desire to build, invent and improve, often with marvellous results, sometimes with catastrophic results. Most of the experimental engines they build appear to be rather fragile (at least when being smashed by a Raw) but extremely resilient against magic. The most powerful inventions are even able to shatter a magic wall within seconds. That's because Techs have learned that much about the fabric which is time and space (and about some other stuff that's quite multidimensional) that they just know which strings to pull or cut. Well, it's all so easy and of course so neatly calculated. The equation is perfect... I AM sure of it, I mean I... think it's correct, well I... sort of "feel" this should work. Oh come on, just switch the bloody thing on!

+++ end of transmission +++
Must... initialize... reader... Q... &... A:

- quite flat, the Professor

Maris Sheep wrote:

Dear Professor,
I wonder if Raw Power people are attracted to fashion? I feel that, deep inside myself I am very Raw Power like, as I cannot stand/operate tech stuff and like to smash things when enraged. But I could never make a spiritual commitment and give up my love for fashion!
- Love, Maris
P.S.: I think you are cute.


Dear Maris,
Fashion is definitely important for Raws. Imagine standing in front of a well organized battle line, and wearing your old, torn, dirty shoes and a tarnished mail. Oh please... no superhero would ever tolerate this. You have to be gleaming in all the season's colours, otherwise the moment would be ruined.
- The Professor
P.S.: I know. It's written all over me.