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FAQ: Planning a successful event

Written by Trektorius on Saturday 29 November 2008
The word event can have several meanings:

In culture and social life:

* Festival, for example a musical event
* Ceremony, for example a marriage
* Competition, for example a sports competition
* Party, for example a birthday party
* Convention (meeting), for example a gaming convention

Many of us are set clueless on exactly how to plan or create a great and entertaining event. An event can be a simple forum game in the forums, a marriage, or hosting a race for your guilds 1 year anniversary. In this detailed FAQ we will reach the final results on who to invite, how to plan, where the hot spots are to have an event, and more.

Why should I host an event?

Why not? Events can be very entertaining. You get the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Depending on the event, you yourself have the chance to actually make money by charging an entry fee. Managing events connect the communities together rather than apart.

How should I go about hosting an event?

The best solution is to think of all the past major events, trivia, water polo, chess, checkers, races, and many more. If you are unsure, ask your world in your world boards about past events held. Once you have an idea, stick with it and do not change topics.

When should I host my event?

Depending on your timezone location, managing the time of the event is important. You need to find the 'hot spot' on your server where the max amount of players will be able to get on. If you host your event at 12 am, and there are typically less than 500 players online, it might not turn out to well.

Where should I host the event?

All events should be held in free account cities, this way you can attract more users to your event.

Who should I invite?

Everybody should be invited to your event.

In addition to this guide, you should start planning your event 1-2 months before hand to allow time to advertise it. Make sure to post your event on the official tibia.com event boards.